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Book By Author:  Kraig W DaFoe

Search for the Lost Realm
 Search for the Lost Realm
 KWD Publishing
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A solid fantasy story from this first time author.


The title of this fantasy novel Search for the Lost Realm drew me in.  What is the Lost Realm and where is it?  Varan, the main character, starts out the novel with a carefree happy-go-lucky attitude.  We are gradually drawn into the plot which reveals a quest for the Lost Realm that will bring Varan fame and fortune.  DaFoe’s character development is sound; he introduces characters and you feel like you are getting to know them.  The twists of who is good and evil in the novel held some surprises.  There are physically and mentally strong characters such as Titan and Maus and love interests, like Jehzia, who was one of my favourite characters.  Through this adventure Varan changes along the way and becomes much more sinister.  This is where the novel does an interesting switch and the story line splits into two parts.  We live Varan’s internal struggle with himself and whether he will be ultimately good or evil before he finds the Lost Realm.

I enjoyed this novel but found that I had to power my way through some of the chapters in the middle.  Part of the quest is the questions of what the characters believe in and which god they are following.  That is where the religious aspect of the book became more predominant.  I did enjoy DaFoe’s twists and turns and the ending did not leave questions unanswered.  DaFoe’s first novel has created characters that you root for and, in the end, you never know who will survive the quest for the Lost Realm. 

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Kraig DaFoe Author:  Kraig W DaFoe


Kraig spent several years in law enforcement before becoming a writer. He now resides in the mid-west and is the father of five children.