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Book By Author:  TImothe Davis

Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh
 Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh

When our friends make choices we don't like, what do we do? And when those choices threaten our friendships, how far will we go to protect our friends?

Jordan Spencer is thirty-six and hasn't had a relationship that's lasted more than six months. He's cool with that, though. He's got space issues. And what difference does it make anyway? He has his two best friends Gabby and Chris for happy hours, clubs, and weekend hangouts. But Gabby is falling for a guy that Jordan doesn't like and Chris-the-sex-machine is having a phallic crisis.

Jordan thought that their friendship would last forever. But with each day, they drift further apart. Should he fight for the friends who have become his family? Or has the season of their friendship past?

Jordan Spencer will learn that in a world full of sex, lies, and drag queens, that even the best of friends occasionally lie to each other. Sometimes they cry for each other. But in the end, sometimes you just gotta laugh …


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One of those books that you pick up and read right through in one go.


Sometimes You Gotta Laugh by Timothe Davis is one of those books that you pick up and read right through in one go, at least I did. It follows three close friends living in Dallas: Jordon, the non-committal; Gabrielle, the hopeless romantic; and Chris the big stud on the prowl.  They are all single at the beginning of the novel and evaluating each other`s love lives. The story centers around the relationships they have, the paths they take and interweaves them. Their friendship becomes quickly strained when Chris starts exploring the other side of his sexuality. Gabby is sucked into a controlling relationship and Jordon just keeps messing up any chance for love.

The author, Davis, has great skill in character development. You sense the long term camaraderie of the three immediately. The secondary characters are just as strong as the main three. Davis never embellishes a conversation for the sake of filler. He makes the reader figure it out on his own. Something that I wish more authors would do. Throughout the novel I started looking at my own friendships and relationships and where they have taken me. The story turns dark toward the end when Chris falls further down the rabbit hole and Gabby realizes the true face of her mentally abusive boyfriend. Jordon is watching his friends fall apart and finds out what sacrifices he has to make to keep his friends… or not, while at the same time trying to get back the one that got away. Well worth the read, Sometimes You Gotta Laugh will make you reflect on your own relationships.



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Author:  TImothe Davis