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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Paul C Emekwulu

 Mathematical Encounters for the Inquisitive Mind
 Teaching / Educational
 Some school books are not written strictly in line with any traditional curriculum. They fall into the category of supplemental materials. The right supplemental materials in mathematics are analogous to novels and other reading materials. Novels, the language of expression notwithstanding, build language skills in the areas of vocabulary, reading and comprehension, spelling, grammar etc. Similarly, the right supplemental materials in mathematics build vocabulary, computational, language, reasoning and logical thinking skills. Mathematical Encounters for the Inquisitive Mind is a unique collection of articles written by the author over the years under different circumstances and each has some dose of mathematical insights for the inquisitive mind. The book can help students and the general reader to be logical in their approach to mathematics and life situations. Full Table of Contents is available @:
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Author:  Paul C Emekwulu