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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Kristina Razinska

 Self Help

Soulgirl is a gentle and empowering self-help book written memoir style for girls who won't settle for second best.

If you're running from place to place, relationship to relationship, in the hope of finding a home and peace for your heart, and in search of bringing real meaning to your life, then Soul Girl has so much to share.

You see, the author was one of those girls whose outward life was packed with adventures, parties, trips, education abroad– none of which she was born into– and it was fun while it lasted. But she's been always haunted by a feeling of not quite belonging, of being lost, of not knowing where she was heading inwardly.

While living in six different countries she realized something– the more places she moved to, the more bridges she burned, and the more disconnected she felt within. 

Over the past two years everything's changed. She's stopped searching for answers and permissions outside herself. This is her story. She hopes it will inspire you too.

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Life coach Kristina Razinska lives life fully and in her self-help book, Soulgirl, she empowers us all to do the same.


Soulgirl by Kristina Razinska encourages thoughtfulness and growth no matter where you are in life. The book is a realistic self-help book intermixed with reflections of her life and how she has changed. It is written with engaging questions for readers to participate in. It was a pleasure to read and is clear the author has a healthy sense of adventure and love of travel. The line, “I adore discovering new countries, tasting their food, chilling by their poolside with a shrimp salad in my lap” was exactly the way I choose to travel too. Some people scale mountains and are adventurous and others travel to relax and enjoy the scenery. It depends on your personality. The point is to do things outside of your comfort zone in order to learn. The people we meet along the way and the relationships we build teach us and are something to be cherished. Whether this is friendships or soulmates, people come into our lives for a reason.  

The author encourages all personality types and people from every walk of life to change and grow into who we are meant to be. She talks about fear and learning and relates it to her young daughter learning, “Because the point is, it is supposed to be Oops and Ouch until it’s Wow!” She acknowledges that change can be difficult, uncomfortable and painful. Razinska helps readers work through what makes them happy, uncomfortable, envision the person who they want to be, and give them tools to grow. At the end of some of the chapters, she asks the reader to answer a number of questions and write their answers down. These are leading questions written in a coaching style to help people reflect and reach for a more positive future. There was a line that resonated with me, “We all are curious creatures willing to see, know and learn more so we may as well live a little allowing the universe to test us but never fail to excite us.” The author is someone who lives life fully and, in Soulgirl, she empowers us all to do the same. 


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Kristina Razinska Author:  Kristina Razinska


Kristina Razinska is a fashion merchandiser by trade, turned life coach and author. She has published multiple articles on a creative digital network called Thought Catalog, exploring trending views on relationships, and attitudes towards life, love, and self-love. She is also the founder of where she inspires others to live with the heart. Recently she has become a mom, and despite being a citizen of the world, she currently resides with her family in London.