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Book By Author:  M.R. Everette

Beau Bear: The Fible of the Magic Green Potion
 Beau Bear: The Fible of the Magic Green Potion
 Cookietwist Publishing LLC
 “Beau Bear: The Fible of the Magic Green Potion” is the third eBook in the Fibles Adventure Series. When little Beau Bear goes on a journey to visit the magical valleys of his best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro's home, he senses something is being kept in the dark. Along the way, Beau Bear and Wheelburro learn about a local meanie who is trying to close the orphanage that Wheelburro grew up in. A Fible (pronounced (fib·el) is a story with an untruth. Wheelburro becomes desperate to save his childhood orphanage, as Beau Bear seeks a truth to a miracle with a magical wish. Will Beau Bear be able to save the orphanage and make everyone's wishes come true? “Beau Bear: The Fible of the Magic Green Potion” adventure story imparts the values of caring for others, friendship, and love. This wonderful eBook comes with 16 colorful illustrations that visually help narrate the story. Young children and adults alike will be entertained by Wheelburro and the eBook’s cast of characters. Recommended for children ages 4-6.
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Another fabulous tale in the Beau Bear Fible series!


Another fabulous tale in the Fible series! Beau Bear and Wheelburro try to save an orphanage in book three of the series, The Fible of the Magic Green Potion by M.R. Everette. This time we travel with Beau Bear and his trusty sidekick Wheelburro to Wheelburro’s home town and the orphanage he grew up in just outside of Burroville. Wheelburro was so excited to see his old home, but right away they could sense some trouble coming. As they were heading toward the orphanage, the pair came to a fork in the road where three skunks were blocking one way. They decided to go the other way and ended up at the orphanage which they find out is entirely run down. The shock at the state of the orphanage quickly turns into happiness as Uncle Burrito, the owner, and several others come out to welcome them. Uncle Burrito tells them that he will have to close down the orphanage as the evil mayor of Burritoville, Joo Joo Kinkajoo, is going to shut him down because it is in disrepair.

It’s up to Beau Bear and Wheelburro to rally the troops and help fix it up! They had a problem though as their only helper was Radar, a poor sighted dog that would love to help but couldn’t see well. Radar tells them of a magical green-eyed creature that lives in the forbidden Dark Valley who will grant a wish if it is helped. The three decided to go on a quest to find this creature to get their wishes and Radar’s sight back. Attaching a wheel barrow to Wheelburro, Radar jumps in and the three venture toward the Dark Valley. What they come across will make your child smile and giggle with characters like a conniving kangaroo, a skinny weak ox, a shaky squirrel, a moose and a goose and of course the magical creature. Will they be able to get their wishes and save the orphanage?

If you haven’t read the first two Fible books to your child, well you should. Full of fun illustrations, quirky and of course evil characters, each Fible book teaches your child life skills. In this book, some of the lessons are about not succumbing to peer-pressure, how to work with others and never judging disabilities. Everette, the imaginative storyteller, has a formula with these books and it works. So curl up and start reading this Fible book to your child.


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M.R. Everette Author:  M.R. Everette


M.R. Everette is the author and illustrator of the Fibles Series of children's eBooks (the Adventure Series and the Learning Series). A Fible (pronounced fib·el) is a story with an untruth. The premise of a Fible begins with a trivial or childish untruth on a topic in a fictional story. In a Fible, the character seeks to find a truth to the untruth. In the end, it's the character's act or deed that promotes a kindness or goodness. A Fable on the other hand, conveys a moral which concerns a right or wrong behavior. I hope this helps give an understanding of what a Fible is, versus a Fable.

M.R. Everette is a graduate of Arizona State University’s school of business where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. After completing his degree, he went on to become a marketing director, web designer, and author.

In addition, he has also created an Indie publishing company called Cookietwist Publishing LLC.

Have fun and read the Fibles Series of eBooks aloud!