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Book By Author:  M.R. Everette

Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest
 Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest
 Cookietwist Publishing LLC


The new Fibles Adventure Series of eBooks begins with Beau Bear : The Fible of the Great Red Forest. A Fible (pronounced fib·el) a story with an untruth. This adventure story is about a little bear who takes a journey to rediscover his family’s roots, and find the place where his grandfather used to live who he had never met. Along the way, Beau Bear with his best friend and traveling companion Wheelburro learn about the curse that was put on the Great Red Forest and how it became known as the Bare Lands. Beau Bear and Wheelburro end up becoming unwitting participants in reversing the curse from the Bare Lands and back into the Great Red Forest.

Beau Bear : The Fible of the Great Red Forest is the first eBook in the Fibles Adventure Series and comes with 16 colorful illustrations. Young children and adults alike will enjoy the kind and good-natured Beau Beau as he figures out the mystery of the Great Red Forest, and be entertained by the expressions of his best friend Wheelburro. This adventure story imparts the values of trust, friendship, and the bonds of love. Recommended for ages 4-6.

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Take your young child on a grand adventure tonight!


Tonight it is time to take your young child on grand adventure! Author M.R. Everette's Beau Bear: The Fible of the Great Red Forest, delivers an adventurous story in this whimsical journey of two close friends, Beau Bear and his side kick Wheelburro. Beau Bear, who dresses similar to Indiana Jones with the whip, takes the pair to the Great Red Forest which is now a wasteland. In search of his roots, Beau Bear begins the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of his grandfather Red Bear.

Beau Bear and Wheelburro meet several friendly chipmunks, a squirrel, a badger and some not so friendly characters such as bats, a bunch of vultures and a very mean Giant Condor along the way. They learn about a curse that was placed on the forest, about the same time his grandfather disappeared, that turned the once lush forest into stone. The mystery deepens when they find out that a dragon was banished around the same time who had proclaimed revenge on the inhabitants of the forest. Since then, Dragonia the dragon has never been seen again and the curse still stands. It is up to Beau Bear and Wheelburro to find out how to reverse the curse of the forest and find out what happened to his grandfather Red Bear with the help of the other forest animals.

Author M.R. Everette makes it a very entertaining read with quirky characters from the forest, evil villains and a great sense of humor. The illustrations are vibrant and match the story well. I was chuckling each time a new page was flipped at the character’s facial expressions. This story would be suited for young children but is fun for adults too who will be reading it again and again and again to kids. I can't wait to see what other adventurers the pair will end up getting mixed up in. I see a series in the making.


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M.R. Everette Author:  M.R. Everette


M.R. Everette is the author and illustrator of the Fibles Series of children's eBooks (the Adventure Series and the Learning Series). A Fible (pronounced fib·el) is a story with an untruth. The premise of a Fible begins with a trivial or childish untruth on a topic in a fictional story. In a Fible, the character seeks to find a truth to the untruth. In the end, it's the character's act or deed that promotes a kindness or goodness. A Fable on the other hand, conveys a moral which concerns a right or wrong behavior. I hope this helps give an understanding of what a Fible is, versus a Fable.

M.R. Everette is a graduate of Arizona State University’s school of business where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management. After completing his degree, he went on to become a marketing director, web designer, and author.

In addition, he has also created an Indie publishing company called Cookietwist Publishing LLC.

Have fun and read the Fibles Series of eBooks aloud!