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Book By Author:  Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean

LEFT Brain Trading
 LEFT Brain Trading
 Investments / Financial
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An ingenious road map that can be added to any Forex trading system.


At first glance, Left Brain Trading by Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean looks a bit thin at only 50 pages. Don't let that fool you. This is not your usual book on a Forex trading system that holds complex strategies and theories of why their system will make you a trading guru. Left Brain Trading is a two-part book. The first is all about trading psychology; why traders succeed or fail. It is one of the few books that drills down to the root cause of either. The second part is about applying the Absolute Fibonacci framework to forex trading charts. This framework will meld into ANY trading system with uncanny ease. Once you use this framework once, tied in with your own forex system, you truly have a road map to better trades.


Even though Left Brain Trading is forex related, the first part of the book, written by Olga Sheean (an empowerment coach) is all about the mindset of traders in general whether it is forex, stocks or commodities. It starts with an interesting question, "Why do you trade? This question alone should have traders sitting back and pondering. Olga then starts methodically going through what she calls the 'missing pieces" of success that have and will limit ones trading ability. She goes much deeper than any other trading psychology segment that I have read in forex books. This may be too deep and negative for newer traders that are excited about forex and are just trying to find their way; they need to get their nose bloodied first. This section of the book is for traders that have a bit of experience and also for pros that have hit a slump to improve their results.

The second part of Left Brain Trading is written by Lewis Evans who states that he was relatively new to forex before he became frustrated with the myriad of different trading strategies being offered and taught. Through that process he began to notice a consistent pattern emerge after studying them for many months. That pattern was part of the Fibonacci sequence. Now this is where Lewis's Absolute Fibonacci framework differs from all other books on forex. It is not a trading system with different indicators, rules and methodology. It is essentially a predictive road map of support and resistance levels where currency pairs tend to graduate toward and either stall and retrace or hesitate and punch through. What the fascinating part of Lewis's part of the book is that there is not much meat to it. It tells you how to set up the Absolute Fibonacci framework on your charts and that is about it. That is why it is perfect for any trading strategy as it compliments, not distracts from them.

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Author:  Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean