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Book By Author:  Jorge P. Newbery

Stories of the Indebted
 Stories of the Indebted
 Short Stories / Collection
 161961491X 978-1619614918
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Millions of Americans today are mired in unaffordable debt. While breaking the chains of debt may feel like an insurmountable problem, a debt-free life is not out of reach.

Jorge Newbery was once $26 million in debt. He needed a way out. When one of his creditors made a sloppy legal mistake, he battled them all the way to the Missouri Court of Appeals - and won. Newbery then applied what he learned to his other debts. One after another, his debts were either settled or gone forever.

Today, Newbery shares what he discovered with others crushed by unaffordable debts. He is the founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation and, both dedicated to helping debtors escape from the financial nightmares he faced.

In Stories of the Indebted, Jorge recounts the heartbreaking financial tales of regular Americans struggling with unaffordable debt. Along the way, he imparts strategies, tools, and techniques to settle debts at big discounts and start a path towards debt-free living. Newbery shows how debtors can take control and regain the most important thing they've lost: hope.

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Itís time to shake up the way you think about debt. Read this America!


Jorge P. Newbery shakes up America again with Stories of the Indebted. Author and debt guru, Newbery takes a different tact with this book of short stories about ordinary Americans who are drowning in debt and how he coaches them to get out of their situations. Newbery is no stranger to debt. At its peak, he was $26 million in debt with no hope except to fight back. He tried several tactics which started to work and he successfully settled his debts for pennies on the dollar or wiped them out completely. Like a modern day Robin Hood, Jorge Newbery is now transferring his knowledge to the masses to get America out of debt.

Earlier this year, Newbery came out with the ultimate guide to rid yourself of debt: Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies. It is step-by-step guide on how to settle any type of debt. With this new book of short stories, he brings human emotions into play that anyone who has been in debt will certainly be familiar with. Gut wrenching feelings that take over your life. Newbery brings those emotions to life with real life situations where he has helped people rid their debt.  You will meet Emily whose house is about to be foreclosed on.  You will also meet Emily’s friend Alexis whose life is spiraling into trouble more and more with pay day loans. This story alone made me see how far America has gone downhill in regards to personal debt and the lengths that individuals are willing to go to just to keep a roof over their heads. It is a tragedy. The last two stories had me fuming! People are trying to get ahead in life and going backwards.  Amber and her family are stuck working at Target but have tens of thousands of dollars of student loans, even though they were “guaranteed” employment by the school and the government offering the loans. Then Alice and her parents, Steve and Martha, who followed the American dream and purchased a Quiznos franchise, only to be sucked dry by predator licencing agreements that they could not get out of. 

Does Newbery help all these people? Yes he does. He also is an amazing author that can bring these real life stories to the written page in a light hearted way. It’s not all doom and gloom and he certainly does not put down the ones in trouble about their debt. Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies is the how to guide to get yourself, a friend or a relative out of debt. Stories of the Indebted is the book you need to pass around to anyone you know in a similar situation.  It’s time to shake up the way you think about debt.  Read this America!

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Jorge Newbery Author:  Jorge P. Newbery


Jorge P. Newbery is a successful entrepreneur, distressed debt and real estate investor, endurance athlete, and author. He turned around some of the country's most troubled housing complexes in amassing a portfolio of 4,000 apartments across the USA from 1992 - 2005. However, a natural disaster triggered a financial collapse in which he lost everything and emerged over $26 million in debt. He never filed bankruptcy. Instead he developed strategies to gain leverage over creditors to settle debts at huge discounts, or simply did not pay them at all. He is a veteran of dozens of court battles, once fighting a creditor to the Missouri Court of Appeals. The entire debt (over $5,800,000!) was inadvertently extinguished due to sloppy legal work. As an athlete, Newbery raced bicycles for a living from 1986 - 1990 as a Category 1. He competed in the 1988 Olympic Trials and was 4th in the Spenco 500, a nonstop 500-mile bike race televised on ESPN. He also raced for the Costa Rican National Team in the Tour of Mexico, was 2nd in the 1987 Southern California State Championship Road Race, plus held the Green Jersey in the 1987 Vulcan Tour. Newbery also runs and has completed over 70 marathons and ultramarathons. In 2012, he was the overall winner of the Chicago Lakefront 50K. At 46-years-old, he was double the age of the 24-year-old second-place finisher. Today, Newbery helps others crushed by unaffordable debts to rebuild their lives. Jorge is Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation (AHP), a socially responsible hedge fund which purchases nonperforming mortgages from banks at big discounts, then shares the discounts with families to settle their mortgages at terms many borrowers find "too good to be true." Jorge's response to the nation's mortgage crisis creates meaningful social and financial returns for investors, while keeping families in their homes. AHP's mission is to facilitate win-win-win solutions for homeowners, investors and lenders. "Burn Zones: Playing Life's Bad Hands" is Jorge's autobiographical account of how he was pushed to his physical and mental limits during his time of strife, and how he overcame the challenges he faced. Jorge's upcoming book is: "Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies On The Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All)." Jorge is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and other publications, and speaks regularly on debt, investing, finance and housing issues.