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Watch out America; get ready to cleanse your debt! Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies by Jorge P. Newbery is coming in at the right time. America is in debt from national to state and also municipal, the whole system is in a downward spiral. The bigger concern is personal debt, mortgage, student loans, credit card and car loan debts. If you are drowning in debt, like many of your fellow Americans, it is a frightening and disabling effect on you and your family. Newbery’s solution is Debt more 

Book By Author:  Shannon K Murphy

Haunted By Hell
 Haunted By Hell
 Hal Logan had made a name for himself as the most ruthless of men, a legend known only as the Falcon. Nobody could touch him, not police and not even, he thought, God. Until the day Hal was shot and found himself in Hell. Critically wounded, his body languished in a coma for three months while his soul suffered the torments of the damned. But escaping Purgatory, he soon comes to learn, is only the beginning. Even while struggling to recover mentally and physically, he finds himself being pursued by Hell's ravening beasts, intent on dragging him back where he belongs. As his soul balances precariously between damnation and redemption, he is suddenly on the run from the law, from his demon tormentor and from his own past. But the identity of the person who shot him brings him face to face with personal demons that hit painfully close to home and that will ultimately determine the fate of his immortal soul.
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Author:  Shannon K Murphy