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Book By Author:  R. L. Herron

ZEBULON and Other Short Stories
 ZEBULON and Other Short Stories
 1475299222 9781475299229
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A collection of award-winning short stories from author R.L. Herron. Twelve tales that range from sentimental ghost stories to pure and simple fantasy.

Set in relatively familiar, normal worlds, you'll discover tales covering everything from contemporary physics and near-space travel to improbable deals with the devil.

They are stories of life, love and the experiences of ordinary, if not always exactly normal people.

ZEBULON was the 2013 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Winner in Young Adult Fantasy.

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Twelve short stories that need to be added to any sci-fi/fantasy loverís collection!


The book begins with the first of twelve stories. It is a disturbing tale called “Zebulon” and takes place in a quiet town named Placerville. It is a small town with a big new mall being built and lots of “old-timers” that are adapting to this change.  The old arcade joint has moved into the brand new mall and added a new game called Zebulon that draws a crowd including Billy Cramer, who is one of the old-time arcade junkies. Billy and Morie, the arcade’s owner, go way back. Billy is coerced into playing the new game and, when he comes out, things are never the same again. This story was an extraordinary introduction to the novel and a good sign of things to come.

The rest of the stories are an easy read and there is a selection for both fantasy and science fiction lovers. “Element 138” was another fascinating read about a wonder kid who discovers a new element with 138 electrons that will change the world. “Penitent” touches on the sensitivity and connection some children have to the newly dead and how adults don’t always believe what could possibly be true. “The Cars on Myrtle Street” was also a favourite and I will never look at old cars the same way again.

The stories vary widely from humorous to dark and disturbing. Ron Herron (R.L. Herron) does not disappoint in this book. He has written many other novels that are top notch reads but this one was the first I had read from him in this particular genre. He is a talented story-teller and his stories are thought provoking.  ZEBULON and Other Short Stories is a book that needs to be added to any science fiction and fantasy lover’s collection.


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R. Herron Author:  R. L. Herron


He writes as R.L., but he's known to his friends as Ron. He once worked for some of the world's largest advertising agencies and enjoyed a public relations & marketing career with a major Fortune 10 company.

A prolific writer, he is a member of The National Writers Association, The Association of Independent Authors, Michigan Writers, Detroit Working Writers and The Academy of American Poets. His fiction has won numerous awards, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals from Readers' Favorite. He is an author whose books Kirkus Reviews called "Skillfully written and emotionally charged." 

~ Shelf Unbound selected his novel STREET LIGHT as one of the "100 Notable Books for 2015." 

~ His novel BLOOD LAKE was a Foreword Indie Book-of-the-Year Finalist in 2016.

All of Ron's books are available on Amazon and online at Barnes & Noble.

An avid reader, he admits to an eclectic taste that leans toward fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and suspense thrillers. His taste in music favors classic, bluesy-rock. He lives and writes in Michigan with his lovely wife, a finally-paid mortgage and one very large cat.