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Book By Author:  R. L. Herron

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The time to be most afraid is when things start going well.

Paul Barrett and the gang from Reichold Street again think life has settled down for them, but in this exciting thriller there are new trials waiting that seem determined to find them, wherever they go.

DEAD END STREET, is the fourth novel in R.L. Herron's REICHOLD STREET series. The lead novel in the series was selected as a 2012 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner, that Kirkus Reviews called "Skillfully written and emotionally charged." 

ONE WAY STREET and STREET LIGHT, the second and third books in the series, are also strong 5-Star thrillers.

In DEAD END STREET the characters begin to find success in their lives, only to discover life is not always perfect.

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Herron's ominous thriller about the curse of the "Trail of Tears" is an outstanding read!


R. L. Herron opens with a gruesome flashback in history - the Cherokee nation's "Trail of Tears."  We learn of John Burnett's role in that gruesome event, the curse, and then jump eight generations later to the present day ancestor and main character, John Burnett.  Every year John's family meets for a reunion until the year uncle Cyrus drowns. That is the last time his family ever goes. John's life continues, he grows up, heads off to college, gets married, has a child and then suddenly receives an invite from one of his cousins for a guys weekend. A small fishing trip and reunion of sorts.  When John arrives, he finds out that this is not just a reunion but something much more ominous. The past is about to catch up to John Burnett and he will have to pay a price to survive.

Herron consistently builds strong characters in every novel he writes. His first person writing style engages the reader and makes it difficult to put any of his novels down.  Blood Lake is no different.  Herron builds his story effortlessly and weaves suspense and conflict throughout.  John meets his cousins Luther, Noah, Harold, and Earl at the lake and learns about the curse for the first time.  The weekend is not what he expected and now they must all try and leave alive.  Is the curse real or imagined?  The cousins prove to be much different than John remembered as a child and, as family secrets are unveiled, John comes face to face with who he really is and that is what Herron conveys well, a creative story that makes you want to read everything he writes.  If you have not yet heard of Blood Lake, then you need to read this book.  It will make you wonder if curses really do exist.


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R. Herron Author:  R. L. Herron


He writes as R.L., but he's known to his friends as Ron. He once worked for some of the world's largest advertising agencies and enjoyed a public relations & marketing career with a major Fortune 10 company.

A prolific writer, he is a member of The National Writers Association, The Association of Independent Authors, Michigan Writers and The Academy of American Poets. His fiction has won numerous awards:

~ A 2012 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for REICHOLD STREET, which Kirkus Reviews called "Skillfully written and emotionally charged." 

~ A 2013 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal for his story collection ZEBULON.

~ A 2014 Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review for his novel ONE WAY STREET.

~ Shelf Unbound selected his novel STREET LIGHT as one of the "100 Notable Books for 2015." 

~ A 2016 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal for his novel, BLOOD LAKE, which was also selected by Shelf Unbound as one of the "100 Notable Books for 2016." In addition, BLOOD LAKE was a 2016 Foreword INDIE Book-of-the-Year Finalist.

All of Ron's books are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

An avid reader, he admits to an eclectic taste that leans toward fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and well-written suspense thrillers. His taste in music favors classic, bluesy-rock and, while he admits hating the winters in Michigan, he still lives and writes there with his lovely wife, an ugly mortgage and one very large cat.