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Book By Author:  R. L. Herron

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His debut novel, REICHOLD STREET, was selected as a 2012 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner that Kirkus Reviews called "Skillfully written and emotionally charged." 

His short story collection, ZEBULON, was a 2013 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Young Adult Fantasy genre..."a highly imaginative author with wit, style...and the ability to weave a story together with a bit of havoc and heart." 

Ron has also written a well-received general-fiction short story collection, TINKER, that Readers Favorite called "Beautifully written..." 

In 2014 he published ONE WAY STREET, the sequel to his first novel, which debuted to a Readers Favorite 5-Star Review that called it "...a mesmerizing thriller."

Herron has just published STREET LIGHT, the third book in his "Reichold Street" series (June 2015). In this suspenseful thriller (reviews pending)some of the original characters discover not all evil is found in war. Some walks on the streets of home.

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Herron makes his mark again with his third novel in the series!


We first met R. L. Herron and his main character Paul Barrett in Reichold Street. He then brought us One Way Street and now he has completed the trilogy with Street Light.  It opens with a disturbing foreshadowing that someone is going to die.  Herron starts with an ominous prison scene and introduces us to Micah who has just finished serving his time.  He is headed back to Brickdale, his hometown, for some revenge.

Herron re-introduces us to the main character, Paul Barrett and provides a summary of the first two novels with Paul’s reflections on life growing up on Reichold Street, the Vietnam War and the love of his life.  We find out what his old friends from Brickdale are doing: Janice; Randy and Donnie. Paul promised to keep in touch, but time moves quickly and, before you know it, months have gone by with no contact. Herron builds the story well, as always, and we see an even darker side of Brickdale this time with the addition of Micah’s storyline throughout.  It’s common for good neighbourhoods to turn bad and things have changed.  Sometimes the most innocent people get hurt.

Paul is invited back for a celebration in his hometown and everyone is together again.  As always, when the crew gets together something crazy happens.  I was hoping that Herron would continue writing this storyline and he has delivered!  He has an eloquent way with words and conveys a dichotomy of an unbelievable story and yet it is totally believable. 

One of the great things about Street Light is that Herron re-caps what transpired in the first two novels.  This is beneficial for anyone who has not read the first two books in the series or has taken a hiatus in between them.  The potential for spin offs with different characters in the series is wide open and, hopefully Herron will continue.  He is definitely solidifying his mark with a number of diverse novels and has come into his own as an author.


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R. Herron Author:  R. L. Herron


He writes as R.L., but he's known to his friends as Ron. He once worked for some of the world's largest advertising agencies and enjoyed a public relations & marketing career with a major Fortune 10 company.

A prolific writer, he is a member of The National Writers Association, The Association of Independent Authors, Michigan Writers, Detroit Working Writers and The Academy of American Poets. His fiction has won numerous awards, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals from Readers' Favorite. He is an author whose books Kirkus Reviews called "Skillfully written and emotionally charged." 

~ Shelf Unbound selected his novel STREET LIGHT as one of the "100 Notable Books for 2015." 

~ His novel BLOOD LAKE was a Foreword Indie Book-of-the-Year Finalist in 2016.

All of Ron's books are available on Amazon and online at Barnes & Noble.

An avid reader, he admits to an eclectic taste that leans toward fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and suspense thrillers. His taste in music favors classic, bluesy-rock. He lives and writes in Michigan with his lovely wife, a finally-paid mortgage and one very large cat.