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Book By Author:  Pagadala Vijay Kumar

The Colour of Woman
 The Colour of Woman

Mrs. Saan’s an eternal woman with a happy family, an executive in a flourishing firm. Sudden death of her son 'Ahin' in an accident shattered her soul. She's physically and mentally abused by her jealous and jobless husband 'Ahahr'; he believes, he earned enough and forces Saan to take care of the family. 

She shares a platonic relationship with a colleague 'Juar', and which is deliberately misconstrued by Ahahr. She escapes an attempt; loses job and her share sold. Juar helps her regain her lost moments of life, but she discovers his love 'FLC' and escapes from his house. 

Saan comes to terms with her life and decides to live alone; refuses Juar's help and keeps her sanity; a final reconciliation. She portrays herself in shades and lives an independent life; proves the worth of woman’s life besides, looking after homeless people of the society.

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Author:  Pagadala Vijay Kumar