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Book By Author:  Gabriel Boutros

The Guilty
 The Guilty
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 Robert Bratt is a lawyer who has always done whatever it took to win his cases. After twenty years of defending the most hardened criminals, many of whom he knew to be guilty, the only thing he can no longer do is look at himself in the mirror. Loosely based on a multiple-murder that shocked Montreal in the 1990s, this riveting story pulls the reader into the inner workings of a murder trial, and reveals what one lawyer must do when he has to defend "The Guilty."

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An absolute winner of a debut mystery novel!


Robert Bratt is in trouble. Not with the law, but with his conscience. Robert is a celebrated Montreal criminal defence lawyer in author Gabriel Boutros's novel The Guilty. Winning is everything to Robert and he could care less if his client is guilty or not. He is a master at manipulating the truth to his advantage and his peers love him, but his daughter loathes him. The Guilty opens with Robert sitting on the sidelines for once, watching the rape trial of a former client. The man who allegedly raped his daughter's best friend Claire. Defending him was conflict of interest. Robert had already successfully acquitted him of rape once before. Robert is torn watching the trial as his protégé, Perron, uses every tactic Robert taught him to whittle down Claire on the witness stand. He is torn since his daughter can sense his enjoyment of the proceedings even though they are tragic. Robert starts down a slippery slope for the first time in his career because his conscience keeps interfering. Trouble compounds Robert's life as a double murder case is thrown into his lap of some young punk who Robert knows is guilty. Also, the homicide detective on the case is openly flirting with him. He starts sliding down the rabbit hole. Can he stop or will he push to win at all cost?

Author Boutros has a winner here. The novel was a page turner right from the start. With the use of wry humour, Robert's character and dialogue are believable. You sense the turmoil in Robert and want to hate him for what he does, but also feel sorry for his predicament. There are many minor characters in the novel which flowed seamlessly in the story. Boutros writing style and pace are comparable to some bestselling authors I've read recently. You quickly realize that his personal experience in the Canadian judicial system brings a familiarity to the ins and outs of the courtroom action. The Guilty is Boutros's first novel. I can't wait to read his next one.


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Gabriel Boutros Author:  Gabriel Boutros


I've lived in Montreal for almost my whole life, and being a rabid fan of the Canadiens hockey team, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I'm married and have two boys, and I practiced criminal law for 24 years. My first novel, "The Guilty," has just come out and is available on During my career as a defense attorney I saw many honest, ethical lawyers who worked hard to guarantee that anyone accused of a crime got a fair trial. These were honorable men and women who took their obligation to defend their clients to the best of their abilities very seriously. But, occasionally, I would meet a lawyer who would gladly cross the ethical line, as long as he, and his client, came out winners. And, sometimes, in the heat of battle, and under the pressures that a major trial can create, even some honest lawyers have made decisions that they later came to regret. In writing "The Guilty" I pictured the main character, Robert Bratt, a top-notch criminal lawyer, as someone who is essentially a good person, but whose need to win has led him to forget his inherent honesty, and driven him to do things that he wished he hadn't. This story is about how, after twenty years of doing whatever was needed in the defense of the most hardened criminals, he begins having conflicted feelings about himself and his profession, at the same time he is hired to defend a young gang member accused of a double-murder.