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Book By Author:  John Christensen

Drops of Jupiter
 Drops of Jupiter
 Action / Adventure
Date Reviewed:   



A surreal action adventure full of energy.


Looking for a surreal adventure?  Drops of Jupiter will certainly fill the bill.  John R. Christensen takes you into the deep Amazon, Northern Canada and the international corporate jungle.  CEO Lindsey Dunn of Xkong Energy Group is fighting for the life of her company. Speculative mining is a cutthroat business and Lindsey has her fair share of boardroom backstabbing and corporate espionage. The company’s lifeline may be a new mineral find in the Amazon by Fernando Martins, Xkong’s senior exploration geologist. This mineral may be the answer to the world’s energy problems forever and Lindsey is trying to keep it quiet so they can secure the mining rights.

Christensen, the author, has a knack for storytelling. Just like his previous novel, A Promising Wind, he creates memorable characters and gets right down to the action with little fluff. Good thing, because this is a short novel. He builds up his main character Lindsey with ease and supports well with entertaining secondary characters. You won’t believe what happens to Lindsey and Debra, who is her friend and business confidant, when they take a road trip to find the old mine of her great-grandfather in Northern Canada. Quite the twist! 
Christensen has an ongoing storyline here that he can exploit into further novels. The aspects of the mineral alone could spawn into a series of thrillers. This is the second fictional novel by him and I am a solid fan and counting on more.


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Author:  John Christensen