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Book By Author:  Gregory Emmanuel Raymond

Kinetic: The First Alliance
 Kinetic: The First Alliance
 Young Adult
 1475950004 978-1475950007

Alex Carter is just an average teenager trying to make it through high school when life takes a turn for the fantastic and the bizarre. One night, he finds an alien named Shyra in his bedroom. She tells him that Earth is threatened by the Zenakuu, a world known for invading other planets for their resources. Shyra tells Alex that she has come to prepare the human race to fight the Zenakuu, and that he has the ability to save the world.

Shyra comes from the world of Kalryn, and her race has already defeated a Zenakuu invasion. Her people have come to Earth to train gifted individuals, known as kinetics, to guard the entire galaxy from the Zenakuu threat. She takes Alex to her ship, where he trains to be one of the few elite superheroes with the power to fight the aliens who have come to Earth fully intending to win a brutal intergalactic war.

The fate of humanity, and the galaxy, is now in Alex’ hands, and he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. In this is the first installment of the exciting series, a teenager is taken from his family and from normalcy, and will discover what it means to be a hero.

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A vivid intergalactic action packed novel for the young at heart.


Growing up as a teenager is not easy. Never has been, but when an alien from the planet Kalryn drops in and tells you that you are one of five that will be defending earth from the evil planet consuming Zenakuu, it just got a little harder. Herro Raymond and Laz Matech, the authors, have created a fun, action overloaded novel that is sure to please any young adult reader. There are many action sequences and I was impressed that they never became repetitive. The authors spent a lot of time developing the six main characters and it shows. Kinetic – The First Alliance starts off with Alex, a seemingly normal teenager with a unique talent. Sorry, can’t tell you what talent, it would spoil the fun. What I can say is that Alex is recruited by an alien, Shyra to fight in an intergalactic war. Alex then helps recruit four other teenagers, with their own special talents. What I found refreshing is the length of time that they are in training before the Zenakuu arrive at earth. Shyra puts them through the paces of using their unique talents, summing up their kinetic abilities and manipulating the environment around them. At the same time, each one of the teenagers has to deal with emotions of being away from loved ones, guilt, fear, love and the dynamics of becoming part of an intermeshed team.

Raymond and Matech have created their own super heroes and laid out a solid foundation for a series. The more I read, mental images started forming like a comic book. It is an intensely visual novel. The only point where I had some problems following was when Shyra gave super hero names to the five. The next action scene used the hero names and it took a page or two to get used to it, but it worked. The authors then developed five more characters; teenagers and their super hero personae. Oh, and do they save the planet? Guess you will have read the book to find out. Kinetic – The First Alliance is the first of a series. It will be fun to see where Alex and his team go to next.


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Gregory Raymond Author:  Gregory Emmanuel Raymond


Gregory “Herro” Raymond grew up in New Jersey until graduating from high school. After that, he lived in Florida for four years where he attended college, earning a degree in graphic design and fine arts. He then came up with the concept for “Kinetic,” in 2003, where it went by a different name. Though falling on hard times financially he spent the next several years picking himself back up, and building the story of “Kinetic.” Upon completing college he moved back to New Jersey to be around friends and family. There he landed a job in optometry and selling cars to make ends meet. That is where he first met Laz Matech. The two became good friends, and together revamped “Kinetic,” into the powerhouse, nail-biting novel it is today.