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Book By Author:  Toshiyuki Matsumoto

Demon Sword
 Demon Sword
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A Japanese Samurai War Novel you may think was real history.


Sojun Ryu has written this novel as though it was real history and, if it was real, a scary history it would be. This war novel is narrated by the Demon Sword and offers a unique perspective of the Samurai steeped in tradition and bloodthirstiness.  The narrative starts out with the birth of the sword.  The novel moves quickly forward jumping to different owners until the sword finds “the one” that will fulfill its needs.

We swiftly move through the timeline of the sword’s new owner, Nobunaga.  He is an up and coming powerful Samurai who is influenced, or some would say controlled, by the Demon Sword.  However, does the Demon Sword really control Nobunaga or is it just his new and unique approach to the evolving life of a Samurai?  The novel moves through the life of Nobunaga with many scenes of battle and victories.  He is a smart owner and sees the correlation between belief, religion and war.  Nobunaga manipulates outcomes all with the advice and encouragement of the Demon Sword or “Masahide” as he has renamed him.  Throughout the novel, I kept waiting for more interaction between Nobunaga, the main character, and the Demon Sword.  

The author, Ryu, takes us through years of history and many times, dates and places in Japan.  It would have nice to have an illustrated map at the beginning of the novel to refer back to in order to keep track of all the different places mentioned throughout.  This was an eye-opening Samurai history and the loyalty, devotion and belief that the Samurai held for their way of life and their evolvement through history was fascinating.



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Toshiyuki Matsumoto Author:  Toshiyuki Matsumoto


I am a Japanese living in Japan, writing a novel in English instead of Japanese. This is because I want to introduce Japan and its culture firsthand to the people over the world in an entertaining way. In this book, I tried to explore the groundbreaking capability of a samurai together with his eccentric aspects.