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Book By Author:  Lawrence G Bernard

Faerie Tales
 Faerie Tales
 Llumina Press

In a realm separate from ours, but resting upon it, exists a most breathtaking, wonderful world that its people, the faeries, call Faeseth. Not a part of our world, but parallel to it, Faeseth is dependent upon a place once known as the Dark Woods.

The Dark Woods sit on the edge of the kingdom of Zydoria, a land ruled by a young girl who assumed the throne through the cunning exploitation of her beauty and knowledge, through numerous fornications and incestuous seductions, and through multiple murderdous intrigues. Having conquored kingdoms that even her renowned father was unable to subdue, she vows to destroy the Faerie Queen and all her realm.

A series of beautiful short stories, Faerie Tales begins with an encounter between a humble carpenter and a faerie priestess. Each succeeding story progresses step-by-step along a journey of fantasy that describes how a merciless queen is transformed into one of the greatest rulers in history, and how her growing love for the faerie people transcends greed, ambition, and even death.

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An escape novel that will transport you to the world of faeries.


This is an escape novel that will transport you to the world of faeries.  Aptly named, Faerie Tales is a compilation of short stories written by Lawrence G. Bernard.  Each story may be read separately or the whole novel from start to finish in its entirety.  My preference was to read it from the beginning to end and I was glad I did.  The stories are intertwined with the main plot and progressively add more depth to the land of Faeseth and our human world.  Each story introduces different characters and strengthens them.  My favourite character was Queen Prysilla.  She was introduced a few stories in and that is when I became hooked on Faerie Tales.  She is a strong sensual woman right from the very beginning and her relationship with the faeries is intense.  There are certainly some titillating moments!

The book gains traction with the story "The Guardian" and that is where the cohesiveness of the short stories clicks together.  Bernard has encompassed all the fantasy components: imagination; creativity; vivid description; and a solid plotline.  I actually went back and re-read some of the stories when I finished the novel because they had a richer meaning at that point.  This is like a movie that you want to watch for the second time because you know what to look for the second time round.  The final story was an interesting twist because we leave the medieval fantasy world and jump to present day.  That is the lead in to the second book (I hope) and I am keeping my eyes out for Lawrence Bernard’s next endeavour.


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Lawrence Bernard Author:  Lawrence G Bernard


Lawrence Bernard is a former naval officer, technical writer, employment manager, and fencing coach currently living in Turlock, California, with his cat, Angel. He spends most of his time writing, playing on-line fantasy games, and daydreaming.