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Book By Author:  Harry Marku

Rare Earth
 Rare Earth
 Science Fiction

After making an extraordinary Rare Earth mineral find in the Canadian sub-Arctic Yakov suffers a horrific accident that saves his life but informs him that he is an unwitting pawn in the employ of a cartel which is seeking to unbalance international politics.

Forced to complete his contract, his ultimate safety rests on Robb, an unlikely accomplice, who is drawn to Yakov through a bizarre series of personal coincidences.

Robb is a promising young scientist lured from his academic studies to provide technical expertise to the US government in the advancing Rare Earth economies. During his tenure in the government's employ, a top-level politician is assassinated while stumping in a battleground state.

Robb proposes a theory for the murder, but his insight relies on circumstance which he cannot link to the murder. As he struggles to find hard evidence, his world is upended. To survive, he must prove the connection and discover why the Rare Earths are crucial.

It’s not what he thinks it is; the answers are both macabre and disturbing.

Modeled in the Crichton fashion, Rare Earth weaves a tapestry of drama, high tech anecdotes, fictional science and social conscience.

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A brilliant sci-fi thriller right down to the last nano-particle.


Rare Earth by Harry Marku took me by surprise. Knowing something about rare earth minerals, I never would have imagined a complex, intrigue filled plot that could hold my interest using them. Marku starts us off with a clandestine operation in the barren cold tundra of Northern Canada and a modern day Russian mining prospector named Yakov. Within a few pages I knew that this was not a run of the mill novel. Marku's attention to detail and obvious knowledge of subject matter and locations draws the reader in. Yakov is searching for the mother lode of rare earth minerals, the 21st century gold rush. Behind the scenes, a huge power play emerges for the location of the lode and mineral rights. With the introduction of another pawn, Robb, a young genius grad student, the plot becomes a game of chess at the highest levels of government and a corporate cartel.

Robb uncovers a conspiracy involving a presidential assassination, rare earth elements, nano technology and human mind control which should be right out of science fiction but becomes a nightmarish reality. Robb, although knowingly being tracked, follows the trail to Northern Canada where simply walking in the tundra can get you killed. With the help of a hard nosed Canadian Mountie, the pair delve deeper into the conspiracy while fighting for their lives.

When I was reading Rare Earth, the intelligent skill level of writing truly grabbed me. I kept thinking that I was reading a novel written by Neal Stephenson, one of my favourites. So far, the best read I have had in 2012; I will be keeping my radar tuned in for more from Harry Marku.

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Harry Marku Author:  Harry Marku


Harry Marku lives with his wife and two children in California and currently works in nanotechnology and alternative energy. Rare Earth is available on e-book at and and in print from To learn more about the author, visit