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Book By Author:  Karen Bentley

The Power to Stop
 The Power to Stop
 Self Help
 1614481903 9781614481904
 Morgan James Publishing

The Power to Stop by Karen Bentley is a 30-day spiritual training program that stops bad habits, undoes out-of-control behaviors and ends substance abuse problems.  It's revolutionary because the unwanted behavior is deliberatedly used and exploited to develop self-love, to acquire personal power and to experience moments of enlightenment.  The secret of success is the direct experience of self-love, which is practiced and learned through four easy stopping skills.   There's a skill for the mind, a skill for the spirit, a skill for the heart and a skill for the body.  Each skill by itself is powerful and produces a calming stopping result, but the disciplined combination of all four skills amplifies the power to stop and results in a full-life expression of stopping.

The Power to Stop serves an unusually large audience including out-of-control eaters, out-of-control drinkers, drug users, smokers and others.  It provides a much-needed alternative to 12-step ideology, talk therapy, behavior modification and medical treatments.  The reader/participant is given an uncompromising, 100% love-based solution, and love is the answer to every problem.  By learning the fundamental life skill called stopping, the reaer takes the easy leap from wasting life to saving it. Saving life energy always results in happiness.

Author Karen Bentley is the world's only stopping Sherpa.  Sherpa's make difficult tasks easier and more doable for others.  For more information about Karen Bentley and/or The Power to Stop, go to

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A must read for anyone who is looking for a true mind, spirit, heart and body change in 30 days!


The Power To Stop by Karen Bentley is a 30 day plan to stop out-of-control behaviors, addictions and compulsions.  This author has done her research and come up with a unique way to stop any habit or make any lifestyle change in 30 days.  This can range from too much drinking, drugging (as she calls it), over eating, and any other binging habits.  Bentley tells us that we are taught to take action in our life but we are never taught to stop.  This is so true and learning how to stop and take note in a positive way helps to diffuse those guilty negative feelings.  She also talks about elimination being part of our natural body process; however, it is often a mental process that we neglect.  The 30 day plan walks through day-by-day empowerment and physical fitness goals.  It is a true mind, spirit, heart and body change. 

The author mentions a Christ-like attitude often throughout but makes a disclosure at the beginning that you may substitute that phrase for any deity or belief you may have.  This is a non-denominational book.  I found this to be true to a certain extent.  The author does state if Christ or prayer is not your method, to do what makes you comfortable.  The main requirement is the willingness to want something to change in your life. 

It is an easy book to read that takes 30 days.  I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to make a positive change in life.  The key is that success is achieved through repetition.  The great thing is that she starts you off slowly so that you may succeed in this 30 day plan minimizing any feelings of guilt.  You start with small steps that take just 10 minutes a day and learn to live life daily with intention, become more physically fit and change your state of mind.

There is also a website that she has set up for positive reinforcement (, online coaching, boot camp weekends and ways for you to continue your positive change after you have finished reading the book.  This is a well-written book that is good to have around for life because you can re-apply the 30 day process as many times as necessary for any habit.  I have already started my 30 days and am feeling better and better every day.



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Karen Bentley Author:  Karen Bentley


Karen Bentley is the author of The Power to Stop and is the world’s only stopping Sherpa. She writes about the power of non-romantic love to solve life problems, and she’s also the creator of The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet System, an easy sugar-free weight loss diet that also stops out-of-control eating. For more information, visit any of her websites:;;