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Book By Author:  Sunny Frazier


 Christy Bristol is an office assistant at the Central County Sheriff's Department in Kearny, CA. While her work is humdrum and low paying, dabbling in astrology brings unwanted trouble and danger into her life.

When a socialite requests a horoscope on her husband, Christy's instincts and ethics warn her not to comply. Gal pal Lennie Watkins insists she do the chart, if only out of curiosity. What Christy discovers in the horoscope is an extramarital affair that is life-threatening for the man.

The wife informs Christy her husband has disappeared and, for appearance's sake, she cannot go to the police. She asks Christy to use astrology to find her husband. The request is ridiculous, but Lennie has been a PI-in-training and sees this as opportunity to develop her sleuthing.

A bottle of heart pills and a strange matchbook are the only clues in the case. Nevertheless, Christy and Lennie set out to find the missing husband. Their investigation leads them to the VA Hospital, a college campus, fitness gym, print shop, and finally, a sex club. They also cross paths with a triple homicide investigation being conducted by the Sheriff's Department, and her amateur sleuthing could get Christy fired.

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Author:  Sunny Frazier