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Book By Author:  Richard G. Dews

Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas
 Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas
 1477497900 978-1477497906

What's more fun than monkeys, bananas, and singing? Mike Monkey Has 5 Bananas, a new pre-K and Kindergarten children's book from Richard Garrett Dews, helps young readers learn to count down from (and up to) 5. Kids pick up the catchy tune almost instantly, and the book's many happy lessons seem to happen without effort! 
Mike Monkey, our jungle friend, picks and enjoys ripe bananas. In addition to counting down Mike’s remaining bananas, readers count up the growing number of peels on the ground. Mike makes daily rounds in the jungle, checking on the ripening bananas with happy friends. As bananas ripen on trees, so do the words themselves! 
The sing-along song was created first, before the book, and sheet music is included on the book's last page. An MP3 instrumental version is available, from online music retailers, to lead and support young singers.

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Author:  Richard G. Dews