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Book By Author:  David A Ramirez

The C-Factor
 The C-Factor
 Action / Adventure
 Xlibris Publishing

  The C-Factor is an action packed intelligent thriller. Historical facts set the stage for the story plot. The Russians in the late 70’s steal the solid rocket fuel formula America uses for its nuclear missile system. But, what if what they stole turned out to be a Pandora’s box? An American Doctor leads a team of United Nations Inspectors to the Soviet Ukraine. Solving a medical mystery will lead to the unraveling of a secret capable of bringing down the entire social and political structure of the Soviet Union. The C-Factor’s characters become participants in a run for your life thriller with a love story adding intensity to the plot.

George Taylor, doctor, cancer researcher and college professor leads a team of doctors and nuclear engineers on a United Nations World Health Organization Inspection to the Ukrainian State of the Soviet Union. The team’s mission is to access the effects of nuclear power usage on the workers, families and local communities surrounding several nuclear energy facilities. During the course of the inspection mission he will discover the answer to a mystery that began years earlier in Greenland. This discovery if released, will place the entire Soviet social and political system at risk. George will find his loyalties challenged between the goals of the United Nations inspection mission and those of his secret involvement with the President’s National Security Agency. The height of the ‘cold war’ is the setting for this mystery, adventure and love story. If their is one story you want to read, about this frightening time in history, when the worlds two super powers risked everything proving they could out do one another with the ability and willingness to destroy the planet.

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An action packed intelligent thriller.


The C-Factor by D.A. Ramirez is a thriller that meets all the requirements for an action packed novel. First, there is intrigue. The main character George Taylor, a high profile research doctor, is recruited by the US government to analyze a mysterious crash of a Russian transport jet in Greenland. Second, there is suspense. George uncovers a deadly plot while in the Ukraine involving a Russian General that could affect the whole world. Third, there is a love angle. George's actions get him entangled with Maria, a smart and tough doctor, who he helps unravel the mystery of the "unknown" soldiers under her care. Fourth, there is action and a lot of it. George and Maria are thrown into a battle between two nations to cover up the truth of nuclear proportions.

Ramirez is a talented writer whom is very detailed oriented. You can feel that the author has extensive knowledge in all the areas that he writes. With that, I found that there was an excess of information in some starting points that slowed down the pace of the novel. Ramirez finds his stride a quarter into the novel and increases the pace with a logical timeline that follows historical events in the ‘80s. He weaves the main characters and the various sub plots effortlessly to a climax that would rival many best sellers. The C-Factor is an intelligent thriller that had me thinking, was that the true story or fiction?

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David Ramirez Author:  David A Ramirez


D. A. Ramirez, has enjoyed a successful business career centered on management development to the Insurance and Labor Industry. An educator at heart has written countless internal operations effectiveness programs and procedural operations guides how to's..  He is an avid political history explorer and researcher with an emphasis on the Cold War era. Married with grown children and grandchildren lives with his wife and two irreverent cats in beautiful Northern California.