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Book By Author:  Byron Wells

 Science Fiction
 1432786970 9781432786977

The first volume in the Valaran Chronicles is your launch into an epic adventure.

Hobs is unusual, as different from his family and friends as night from day. He was born with an inquisitive nature, and the myriad stars that fill the night sky of his planet are the sirens that sing to him, taunting him with their haunting melodies that spark question after question. Is there life among the stars? Is there meant to be more to his life than tending grazers for his parochial village? He’s about to find out. After a tragic accident, Hobs’ quiet life is changed forever when he is befriended by Archon, a relic of the long-lost Valaran Empire. And now their planet faces a serious threat from the Scarian—a vicious reptilian species determined to settle an old score. Together, Hobs and Archon must find a way to defeat the Scarian incursion and restore peace on this remote side of the galaxy.

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Author:  Byron Wells