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Book By Author:  Terry C Tombs

Run with the Wolves Vol 1 The Pack
 Run with the Wolves Vol 1 The Pack

It is the fifteenth century, and three kingdoms are caught up in the dire conflicts of their time. As the possibility of a peaceful resolution provides hope that a decade-long war will finally end, no one realizes that dark forces are waiting to invoke chaos as a full moon rises.

On a farm nestled beneath the Euralene Mountains along the western border of Medinia, young Willie works for the Smythes as a serf. One moonlit evening when the Smythes are gone to a neighbouring village, Willie hears the terrified cries of animals in the pastures. When he goes to investigate, he discovers that this wolf pack attack is like no other. Badly injured during the raid, he survives - but now is afflicted by the full moon madness that will soon transform him into one of the wolf creatures he dreads. With his life seemingly warped forever, Willie must face the prospect of a lifelong descent into horror.

In a time of witchcraft, superstitious folk lore, and fearsome creatures roaming the night, Willie struggles with an uncertain destiny and must seek help from the one man he holds most responsible for the dark fate that awaits him during the next full moon cycle.

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Beware of the full moon. This one is for all of the werewolf lovers!


Run With The Wolves by Terry C. Tombs starts out strong with a story about Willie, the main character, who is left alone on a medieval farmstead to take care of the animals while the family is away.  Willie is a happy hard working teenager who has been adopted by a farmer’s family.  While they are away, he is viciously attacked by “the pack” and his life is never the same again.  The leader of the 'Pack' spares the injured Willie's life and they take him back to their home. We follow Willie from one full moon cycle to the next wondering what will happen when he “changes” and how he will react.  Does he remain sullen and angry because of his circumstances or push through his own mental chaos to find happiness? I enjoyed Tombs following the phases of the moon and his description of how the werewolves changed.  It made me feel sympathy for these creatures who were half man and half wolf. 

Tombs develops memorable characters that you walk away thinking about.  He is detailed in his writing and knowledgeable about medieval history.  I felt that the story started out well although, in parts, it took a while to get back into the story because of the detail.
Tombs developed strong sub-stories and characters and one of my favourites was Vinnie, the leader of a gang in the main port.  That is where half of the story takes place.  He is a tough guy with some soft spots.  Particularly when it comes to making sure that the prostitutes in town are as safe as he can make them and believe me, they appreciate him!  The other favourites were the community of “oddities” who were all eclectic people joined together because of their differences.  The giant among them was hilarious trying not to 
squeeze people.  There are some good morals and psychology shared in this part of the novel.

We were teased with a few budding love stories and the book ended too abruptly for me.  I wanted to glimpse what was happening with the other stories before it completely ended.  The good thing is I was left wanting more.  The author has two more books coming out.  The next one is scheduled for this year.  I guess we will just have to wait to see what happens.


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Author:  Terry C Tombs