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Book By Author:  Bill Rolfe

The Living Room
 The Living Room
 0987877819 9780987877819

Late one night back in July 2002, I fell asleep and had a dream. It was unlike any dream I had before, or since. It was like watching an extended movie, and it ended with instructions for me in the rolling credits. I awoke in shock and glanced at the clock next to my bed, only to discover what seemed like hours of sleep had only been a few minutes.

I got up, sat at my desk and spent the rest of the night writing everything down. Never having written anything before, I took the next few weeks to follow the instructions from the dream – share the story in a novel.

After a few months of being inspired by the story, but at the same time feeling overwhelmed with the project, I put it away. However, I couldn’t forget it.

Now, after more than nine years of struggling with the process and battling against my own self-doubt, I’m ready to share the story.

“The Living Room” was my dream.

- Bill Rolfe

The Story:

Daniel’s dedication to his career, fueled in part by a tragic loss during his childhood has made him a successful and sought after professional working in New York. His drive to the top however, hasn’t been without sacrifices to his personal life, or lack thereof.

Alone and feeling unfulfilled without a partner to share in his achievements, he begins to wonder if this is all there is for his life?

The revelation that a distant relative who was unknown to him, has passed on, sparks a life changing journey that helps him realize answers to his self reflection, and discover more about his soul.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

What would you give of yourself to help a child you just met?

Do you believe in Miracles?

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Author:  Bill Rolfe