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The Protectors
 The Protectors
 Science Fiction
 1467964727 978-1467964722

A great intergalactic war rages that threatens to destroy the earth and the human race with it. A chosen few from earth are picked to battle for the survival of the human race. Lost from earth the chosen few become the protectors of our planet. Join one boy’s journey to become one of the protectors.

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A space saga that will certainly entertain a younger crowd.


The Protectors, by Steven Sheridan, is a mishmash of several space sagas written to a young adult audience. Sheridan takes us on a journey through the eyes of John Gordon, a 17 yr old who, on the way back home from school, is abducted by an alien race. Totally disoriented, John finds out that he has been drafted as a soldier into an interstellar war that has been raging for centuries. War soon to be brought to Earth. Being young and adventurous, John takes it in stride, even though the loss of friends and his mother weighs on him more and more. What John finds out is that he has special abilities that make him one of the elite Protectors if he can make it through his intense training.

As with any good saga, John becomes involved with love, jealousy, pressure under fire, intrigue, remorse and camaraderie in the face of death. Although a quick read, Sheridan does have talent to put some depth into the story line, and imagination and skill in the combat narrative that makes the action jump off the page.

Sheridan's character development is solid, and it is an easy flow of dialogue between the characters, even when they don't speak. I did find it a bit choppy three quarters of the way through because he was rushing the story. Luckily, Sheridan recovers from this and gives us a climactic finish worthy of any sci-fi action flick out there. A younger crowd will get a kick out of John taking on the universe. 



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steven sheridan Author:  steven sheridan


Steven Sheridan was born in Kentucky, but moved to southwest Georgia where he grew up in a small southern town. Outside of writing, his other loves include photography and technology. Taking inspiration from the world around him from be hide a keyboard he inspires to create science fiction epics based on real life drama and emotions. Emotions are what drive human drama and storytelling. As a writer he strives to capture this emotion and inject it into the foreign setting of science fiction novels.