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Book By Author:  Victorio A Velasquez


The world of Fantastica is an enchanted magical land with politically social upheaval and racial divide. Two close friends, Shit and Dope, both of whom are from different origins and backgrounds, break the law of the land for partaking in the weeklong Pigshit festival. This special festival held annually for the peaceful common people and forest beasts that reside outside of the great city is disrupted by a military dispatch of cavalry troops dealing justice in the name of the cat emperor/demigod deity who has always ruled his provincial lands with an oppressive iron paw. This sets off the intricate chain of events that leads to the two friends being separated, and to individually embark on different paths of destiny. One is captured and taken into custody to be tried in a royal court of law. When the verdict is a life of servitude as a slave within the emperor’s palace, he eventually escapes with the help of a talking rat, and then risks being recaptured because of an unlikely newfound infatuation. The other goes on the cliché of the QUEST with some other misfit friends to gather an army from the outlying unruled territories to take on the emperor's military might & eternal reign. But first, he has to climb this massive mountain full of peril to attain a mysterious ancient power within a magically air suspended floating temple. This is FANTASTICA, the dark new age parody/satire/spoof series of the fiction/fantasy genre like no other before or after.

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This is a confusing fantasy novel that is for adults only.


Victorio A. Velasquez has potential but needs some honing.  He needs to work on the clear storyline of this adult novel Fantastica.  His character development and use of past and present tense can be confusing to the reader.  Victorio starts out with the two main characters, Shit and Dope.  I believe that their names are representative of what their personalities are like.  There are simple character names throughout the novel which was confusing because only the first two characters were somewhat developed. 

The story is about two characters who leave town for an illegal festival.  Dope’s parental figures come and shut it down and drag him back to town to be punished.  Dope is severely punished and sentenced to become a slave.  Shit, who was not captured, reconnects with Kit who is his love interest.  The two of them together are killing machines.  Two trolls give Shit and Kit a compass.  A rat helps Dope escape from slavery.  Dope falls in love with a girl that he tries to rescue while the evil cat emperor Louie is making life hell for people.  I was confused about what happened to Dope because the character disappeared from the story about half way through.

Shit and Kit along with some other characters start to make their way back to the city.  Shit seems to have some strange powers that are developing along the way.  They meet their old friend Sambo.  He seems to be a mentor to Shit and Kit.  There are lots of graphic fights and the ending leaves it open to the next story.

I give the author credit that he wrote a short novel and he can tell a story, it just needs refining.  He has good imagination and the novel reads almost like a video game.  The novel needs to be edited by a professional before going to print.


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Author:  Victorio A Velasquez