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Book By Author:  Patricia McLaine

Passion and Principle
 Passion and Principle
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A passionate story of an Irish American womans survival in the 1800s.


Passion and Principle is Patricia McLaine’s first historical fiction novel and is set in the 1800’s, written from an Irish woman’s perspective.  This is a love story, a history lesson and an example of what strong passion and principles can do for you in life.  The main character, Mary Margaret, is born with a veil (or second sight).  It was fascinating reading Mary’s perspective of growing up in Ireland and learning about ancient druid lore and rituals that had been passed down for generations while at the same time being brought up as a strict Catholic.  She is forced to grow up quickly, luckily, with wisdom beyond her years.  It was heart wrenching to read about her decision between two men: the first, a passionate smuggler who would stay in Ireland forever, or the other, an intelligent soldier who would live her dream and go with her to America.

Mary Margaret does go to America, but I won’t tell you if it was with her soldier!  One of the highlights for me was her intense fight to end slavery and the personal conviction that carried her through so much turmoil.  That was a turbulent time in history and reading about racism and the war from her perspective made it more personal to me.  Mary’s character development was strong and the twists and turns in the plot meant that I could hardly wait to pick up the book again to see what would happen next.  As Mary’s family grew, Patricia showed what an impact one family could have on history.  I felt connected as a reader to her family both on American and Irish soil.  The Irish ties that were interwoven throughout the novel showed how strong their influence was in American history.  
Patricia could easily write ten more novels that tell different stories from various family members’ perspectives.  This novel was tear-jerking in parts, humorous, realistic, spiritual, and showed how destiny touched Mary’s life many times.  The theme lingers... Do we live our lives with the full driving force of our passions and principles?


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Patricia McLaine Author:  Patricia McLaine


Patricia McLaine is the author of The Wheel of Destiny – The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan, The Recycling of Rosalie (novel) and Cosmic Conspiracy – Psychic to the Rich and Famous (memoir), and Bittersweet Summer – Paula's Story, the companion novel to this book. She is an international psychic with worldwide clientele and has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles in the U.S. and U.K. as well as appearing on numerous radio and television shows in the U.S., U.K. and Hong Kong, China. Her Blog Talk Radio Show is Exploring the Paranormal with Pattie. Her website: . Patricia resides in Alexandria, Virginia.