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Book By Author:  Patricia McLaine

Bittersweet Summer- Paula's Story
 Bittersweet Summer- Paula's Story
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A smoking hot romance novel! The innocence of bittersweet love in the summer of 1967.


The author, Patricia McLaine, sets the scene on fire right from the beginning in Bittersweet Summer-Paula's Story.  It is the summer of 1967, the ultimate summer of free love.  Paula is a single mother and up-and-coming artist living in a beach house in California with her two children.  The book starts out with a bang when sparks fly between Paula and her ex-husband’s young hot nephew.

This isn’t a woman who sleeps around though.  Her first love interest is scandalous and Patricia takes the reader through all of the questions that a confused woman faces in a tough situation dealing with self-doubt, responsibility and morality.  Love is not logical but we see Paula trying to decide what is lust and what is love, never an easy choice where passion is involved.  Patricia writes some heavy-duty love scenes making this a solid romance novel. You will never think of the beach at night the same way!

Paula’s friend Dana is her best friend and an intriguing character who knows everything about Paula.  They have an intense connection that some would say is psychic.  The author has also written a novel set in the same summer called Summer of Love-Dana’s Story where readers get a chance to know Dana that summer as well.  Dana happens to introduce Paula to a sexy Texas rancher, sparks fly and the drama continues! Will Paula choose the young hot lover or the driven Texan who knows what he wants?

I won’t give away the ending but the book was a fun read from start to finish.  Paula’s turmoil continues throughout the summer and I eagerly await the next chapter in her life to find out her ultimate choice and if the next summer is bittersweet as well. This is an author to pay attention to.  She is definitely heating up the romance world.


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Patricia McLaine Author:  Patricia McLaine


Patricia McLaine is the author of The Wheel of Destiny – The Tarot Reveals Your Master Plan, The Recycling of Rosalie (novel) and Cosmic Conspiracy – Psychic to the Rich and Famous (memoir), and Bittersweet Summer – Paula's Story, the companion novel to this book. She is an international psychic with worldwide clientele and has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles in the U.S. and U.K. as well as appearing on numerous radio and television shows in the U.S., U.K. and Hong Kong, China. Her Blog Talk Radio Show is Exploring the Paranormal with Pattie. Her website: . Patricia resides in Alexandria, Virginia.