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Book By Author:  Joel M Harris

 A Thousand Bayonets
 Action / Adventure
Date Reviewed:   



Gritty, hard-hitting action that grabs you and won't let go.


Prepare to go deep inside the forgotten, and often ignored, dark places of a modern city with Joel Mark Harris’s A Thousand Bayonets. Harris uses journalist and ex-war correspondent, John Webster, to relentlessly pursue the major story of a gangland killing that rips open raw wounds in what is usually a beautiful city, Vancouver, BC.

Webster's character becomes intertwined in not only the story of his life, but also trying to save his own life. Caught between the law and criminal elements circling around him, Webster has to navigate and gain trust from the seedier parts of society, while trying not to be sucked into its hypnotic lifestyle.

The story is easy to fall into right from the start. Harris's character development is flawless.  The sub-characters are quickly introduced with very believable backgrounds that support the story to the end. Readers are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride meeting gritty characters from both sides of the tracks.  The author shows how Webster’s past events have shaped him through experiences such as:  witnessing a massacre; flashbacks from the war; being an absent father; drinking excessively; and weighing whether the truth is worth it or not. Webster becomes the underdog who you will shake your head at and question his choices, but understand that these are the only choices he can make.

Harris has developed a strong, believable character in Webster that I know is returning soon with a sequel. This book would make a great basis for a film noir. A Thousand Bayonets is one that we highly recommend to our readers.


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Joel Harris Author:  Joel M Harris


Joel Mark Harris is an award-winning British-Canadian journalist, novelist, screenwriter and producer. Born in Vancouver, he graduated from Langara Journalism School in 2007 and worked for the Squamish Chief newspaper before freelancing. At Langara, Joel got the idea to write a series of books about a journalist, the first of which is called A Thousand Bayonets. In the novel, a former war correspondent named John Webster manoeuvres through the seedy underworld of Vancouver, trying to bring a vicious drug lord to justice. In 2008, Joel went to British Columbia Institute of Technology for a public relations degree. After doing various jobs in the PR field, Joel wrote and produced Neutral Territory, a film about Henry Huge, who must return to his crazy Swiss family after falling into money troubles. Neutral Territory was nominated for a Maverick Award for Best Cinematography and Best Picture at the Beloit Film Festival. It won best feature film at the Interrobang Film Festival. It is also an official selection of the Beijing International Film Festival and the New York International Film Festival. Joel was nominated for best screenplay for Neutral Territory in the World Music & Independent Film Festival Joel is currently writing a screenplay called Shots, a coming-of-age story about Carter, a teenager, who gets his first job at a coffee shop. He is also working on a sequel to his novel called Shame the Devil.