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Book By Author:  Ysabelle Hulet

The Jack of Many Trades: finding the one
 The Jack of Many Trades: finding the one
 1937004163 978-1937004163
 old line publishing
 For centuries, the bloodshed and “the missing” have devastated human civilization. For centuries, one group of Immortal beings have fought for control, and for 4 years, one little girl, Princess Nivea of Delier, has been safely hidden away in her castle from the violence and destruction wreaking havoc upon her land. But one carriage ride later and that little four-year-old is thrust into a fight for her very survival and may become the force to stop it all. On the way to her safe house, Nivea’s carriage is attacked, and something kills her 8 guards and Nanny in mere seconds. Gagged and bagged, she is taken to an underground fortress, installed into a contest the Immortals seem to invest their lives in, and made to share a room with boys. The Immortals say one of the 36 kids taken is their only hope for survival. But can a four-year-old girl, not even able to read, take on the challenge that those with 500 years of experience can’t begin to tackle?
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A captivating fantasy novel that you won’t believe was written by a twelve-year old!


It is hard to believe that a twelve year old, Ysabelle Hulet, wrote the fantasy novel The Jack of Many Trades and submitted it for publishing.  That fact alone was intriguing enough to make me want to read it and find out what it was all about. By the way, she is thirteen now and writing the second novel in this trilogy.

The plot started out with a four-year old princess who is on her way to safety when the carriage is attacked and everyone murdered except her.  She is taken prisoner to a place where other children are also being held.  The jailors are a variety of species including: a vampire, werewolf, shape-shifter, sprite, centaur, a witch, bogart, and a felynne.  The princess must survive while dealing with her jailors and 36 other children in a competition for their lives.  There are a number of twists throughout that are unexpected and amusing.  The ending is solid and leaves enough questions so that readers will want to read the second novel.

This is a recommended read for “tweenagers” and young adults.  The plot was captivating although Ysabelle has some brushing up to do on the flow of the novel.  The dialogue between characters was simple to follow and the character development well done.  Readers are drawn in to each character’s personality and the description and development of each was a pleasure to read, especially the main character, Princess Nivea of Delier.  It is certainly an impressive start.

Some of the twists in this book had me laughing out loud and others were quite shocking.  The novel has all of the classic fantasy requirements and readers who enjoy a light read will be pleasantly surprised with this one.  I am a fantasy buff and this author, who is starting out so young, has a good chance at being famous one day.  She created a main character and developed the other characters well enough that it has me wanting to read the second novel while still giving me that glowing feeling of having read a good book. 


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Ysabelle Hulet Author:  Ysabelle Hulet


Ysabelle Hulet is currently a 13 year old middle school student who resides in Joppa, Maryland. She authored and submitted "The Jack of Many Trades" for publication at just 12 years old. She is currently hard at work on the second book of the planned trilogy. Ysabelle has been a straight A student her entire life and has been awarded 3 Ben Carson scholarships. Ysabelle also enjoys playing the piano and violin, singing, writing songs and archery