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The most unique sci-fi novel I’ve read in years.

What happens when the world gets too optimized? Joel E. Lorentzen, the author, answers that question in his unique, inventive and thought-provoking novel, Proles - a novel about 2084. In the not too distant future, the gap between the have’s and the have nots is as wide as it has ever been, but not for the reason you may think. Money is not the cause in the future, optimization more 

Book By Author:  Louisa Moger

 The Product Managers Toolkit
 Business Management

 The job of a product manager has never been as challenging as it is today. Developing strategies to drive demand in these intensely competitive and rapidly changing global markets is no easy task, and building competitive advantage requires robust go-to-market plans based on sound analysis.

This e-book explains in clear, illustrative steps exactly how to do just that.

Angela Hatton and Louisa Moger are marketing practitioners who have spent 20 years helping businesses to improve their strategic thinking to develop growth-driven go-to-market plans. Embedded in their consulting methodology is an effective step-by-step system that empowers marketers by improving their capability to develop evidence-based strategies and then communicate them brilliantly to gain buy-in.

This e-book distils this winning approach, arming product managers with a toolkit that can be customised to suit individual business needs. It provides:

  • Practical guidance on how to turn analysis into insight using proven models, tools and frameworks
  • Confidence that strategies are based on robust analysis
  • The ability to generate strategic options and build resilience into the planning process
  • Visual presentation options that help to communicate recommendations with impact and credibility

Easy to use and understand, simply structured in a handy 6-step sequence, this e-book clearly reflects the process to follow to complete the all-important analysis stage of any go-to-market plan.

It does not contain a shiny new marketing theory, but does offer practical ways to actually use tried and trusted models and techniques to great effect.


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Author:  Louisa Moger