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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Blufasa Soul

Dark Mind Chronicles: Go To HELL!
 Dark Mind Chronicles: Go To HELL!
 Dark Mind Chronicles: Go To HELL! is the first book of the dark trilogy. All Darrel needs to do is remember who he is and what he was meant to do before he unleashes all hell on earth. Being mentored by a therapist named Apollo Remedie to find the "dark minds" in the world, Darrel Love (a.k.a. Dove) has 30 years to find nine keys to unlock his gifts or become something he had nightmares about even while he was in his mother's womb. Dark Mind Chronicles: Go To HELL! is a genuis and cleverly written fiction suspense novel that will have you wanting more after every page.
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Author:  Blufasa Soul