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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Vlane Carter

The BiAlien trilogy - Rise of the bialiensapien: Human Evolved
 The BiAlien trilogy - Rise of the bialiensapien: Human Evolved
 Action / Adventure
 0578044544 978-0578044545
 On a cold winter evening in 1996, Jaden Marino, discovers a UFO near his home in upstate NY. The government detects it and swarms the area on a full-scale UFO hunt. Unable to find the now invisible UFO, the government follows Jaden to it after listening to him excitedly disclose it to a friend on the telephone. On the run from the persistent government wanting him for ďfurther questioning,Ē he hides inside of the UFO made of liquid metal nanotechnology. Meanwhile, the government tries to take the craft to Area 51. Inside the ship, Jadenís body goes into a comatose state, and he has an out-of-the-body experience. The spaceship translates his English language and math capabilities from his mind into its alien language, subsequently enabling him to control the UFO with his mind. Jaden manages to pilot the ship, escaping the government. As he gets used to controlling the ship by pure thought, the government sends all of their best and top-secret aircraft to intercept and destroy the spacecraft. Jaden uses microscopic autonomous alien eyes, called nanoeyes, which allow him to see outside the ship in dozens of directions, as well as smell, taste, and feel. The nanoeyes transform into nanoscanners when they detect a threat. Nanoscanners can scan through any non-shielded aircraft and learn its defenses in seconds. Jaden quickly learns the capabilities of the UFO and engages the best government pilots in an intense chase over New York. Jaden outruns missiles and can actually see bullets moving past the UFO. The intense chase creates dozens of powerful sonic booms, the impact of which breaks windows and causes citizensí ears to ring. Jaden rescues an SR-71 Blackbird aircraft that flies past its maximum ceiling height. Jadenís quick thinking activates a tractor beam in an attempt to stop the SR-71 Blackbird from crashing into a house. Jaden races a top-secret Blackbird from New York City to Chicago at Mach 7, just missing an airliner that was about to land. Jaden realizes he is at the maximum speed on Earth and is trying to explore the speed of light engines. He overrides the light engine controls in an attempt to outrun the Blackbird. The engines of the UFO charge to 0.1% the speed of light and Jaden is over North Korea in a split second. Jaden loses control of the ship and it flies on autopilot away from Earthís orbit. The UFO accelerates and takes a quick thirty-minute ride to Jupiter, where it explores the inner layers of this giant planet. Jadenís mind is blown away when he sees Jupiter up close. The UFO then explores Jupiterís moon Europa and Jaden has his first alien encounter with thousands of species of alien sea life. The glow-in-the-dark animals are intriguing to Jaden at first. Jaden then encounters intelligent, coordinated alien sharks that greet him by biting different parts of the UFO. Being integrated with the UFO, Jadenís body feels what the ship feels. Eventually the ship tries to leave the moon Europa, but not before being swallowed by a mother shark and taking her to the surface of the moon with the ship. The UFO sets a course towards the sun. The craft travels through space by using an advanced space traveling method called optic-warp. This system allows the UFO to travel in subspace after being broken into a quadrillion molecules, which allows the ship to pass a light-year every 7-90 seconds. At 2.1 million light-years from Earth, Jaden finds himself on mysterious Planet 455 in the Andromeda Galaxy. An alien humanoid species, called the Darclonians, kidnap Jaden and an elite Andromedian biomechanical team is sent in to rescue him. Bellona, Marco and Bomani, who range in age from 50,000-69,000 years old, make their debut appearance. Marco and Bellona show off a few of their superhero skills and advanced weapons as they take on an army of blisters, cubfighters and skelborgs. Bellona fights at super speeds with her anti-hydrogen energy sword while dodging a hail of meteorites hitting the ground around her. Marco also shows his stealth and advanced weaponry skills. These highly skilled, peaceful warriors are shocked when they see a new threat to their galaxy. The dark energy knight makes its first appearance. They hit it with dozens of torpedoes from their ships and then leave to return Jaden to their home planet. Jaden wakes up discovering he is on another planet called Xenos, and is in a virtual under water city in an artificial body. Bellona informs Jaden of everything that has taken place and Jaden learns about a chain of events that is unfolding for Earth. While on Xenos, Jaden plays in the Andromedianís futuristic gravity games; flies around the planet without a body by using nanoeyes; observes the planetís gravity tides; wars; joins a space team; races in exoskeleton intergalactic spaceships (EIS) and plays a virtual game of chess with alien pieces. Bellona befriends Jaden and is his personal escort while he is a guest on Xenos. Bellona unintentionally develops a special interest for Jaden (Bellona used to be a carbon life form in her past life). She tries to understand his Catholic beliefs and explains her peopleís long history on religion, technology and why he is there. Even though ten years has passed on Earth, Jadenís human body has only aged a few weeks. He misses his family, friends and girlfriend back on Earth. Jadenís travel to the Andromeda Galaxy sets off a chain of events for Earth. Jaden learns of a Darclonian mother ship leaving from another part of the Milky Way Galaxy and heading towards Earth. There are conflicts in the Andromedian elder council on whether it is too dangerous for Jaden to return to Earth by himself. Jaden later proves himself worthy to one elder. The Andromedians pack Jaden full of prototype organic nanotechnology called nanodrones. The nanodrones run Jadenís body like crewmembers on the Star TrekEnterprise. The quadrillions of nanodrones modify his brain and DNA for optimum performance. Eventually he returns to Earth in his upgraded EIS, eighteen years later by earth time. Jadenís body goes into shock as it adjusts to Earthís atmosphere and he finds himself in a local hospital in upstate New York. There is the first female president on television, along with commercials on holographic discs, 3D televisions, electric cars and onlineThird Virtual life. There are also doctors in robotic remote controlled LCD screens. Times have changed and societal values have deteriorated significantly with the advent of the technology age. The combination of cheating, negotiated infidelity, high divorce rates, male and female robotic companions, and online virtual sex have helped to erode fundamental human values. Jaden is aware of an silent alien attack that is about to take place against humans. A countdown will soon begin, ending with all human brains being highjacked by nanomoles. Nanomoles are Darclonian microbes deposited on Earth after the last ice age. When the mother ship gets close enough to Earth, they activate and an eighty-four hour countdown begins. Jaden tries to warn people, but everyone thinks he is crazy. They lock Jaden up in a psychiatric ward until they find out who he is, since his DNA doesnít show up on any scans and he doesnít remember who he is. A doctor uses an experimental FMRI (digital simulacrum of the neocortex) machine on Jaden to find out who he is and where he has been. This machine scans and translates chemical messages into digital images. His nanodrones are up for their first challenge. In the meantime, the US government received a space message from the Andromedians, but didnít take the threat seriously. In the area of Jadenís mind that governs different personalities, there is a microscopic artificial intelligence alien companion named AI. Specifically designed for his mission on Earth, AI helps Jaden navigate his upgraded mind and body, and is second in charge of the colony of nanodrones throughout Jadenís body. Jaden and AI slowly develop a relationship as they learn from each other. Jaden teaches AI how to think non-linearly and how to become more human, while AI teaches Jaden how to multi-task and use his evolved body. AI has to figure out a way to develop Jadenís super human powers to work around Earthís natural properties so they can break out of the mental hospital before the government finds him. In order for this to happen, AI needs Internet access so he can download terabytes of science and technology information. AI then runs high-speed experiments with the nanodrones and removes Jadenís unnecessary organs for energy and weapons storage. Some of Jadenís super human powers include defying gravity, nanoscanners, controlling gravity in a weapon called a gravity shockwave, molecule ripper, reflecting light, creating two advanced energy shields around plasma fusion technology and accelerating his body to react in milliseconds. The alien nanotechnology in his body replaces vital organs such as the stomach, liver, small and large intestines, to make room for his offense and defense systems. Jaden meets Dr. Chan, a Forensic Scientist. She is at the psychiatric ward to investigate why his DNA canít be identified. She first believes he is crazy and is not revealing his true identity. Jaden agrees to ďshowĒ her the truth instead of telling her. His nanodrones transmit his memories through his hand into her brain. While he is showing her who he is and where he has been, Jaden unlocks and reads her nanomole that holds her family history and genetic memories for thousands of years. Nanomoles record humansí five senses, emotions, memories, experiences and personalities. Jaden is able to experience what Dr. Chanís grandmother experienced as a child during theChina Nanking Massacre in 1937. Dr. Chan and Jaden both exchange memories and they develop a familiarity with each other in ten minutes that would normally take two people twenty years. It is a race against time when Jadenís old government nemesis Vice President Robinson finds out he has returned to Earth. Robinson puts Jaden on a terrorist list and uses all the governmentís resources to kill him. While Jaden tries to escape from the hospital, someone gets in his way. He has his first fight against a hospital security guard in an exoskeleton bionic suit. Jaden later changes his identity by changing his facial structure and pigmentation in order to board an airplane to North Carolina to find his father. At higher altitudes, some nanomoles go into the second stage. A passenger has an unstable nanomole in his brain, freaks out and opens the emergency exit at 33,000 feet. The man falls out, taking with him the air marshal who tried to stop him. While the 737 bails to lose altitude, Jaden runs towards the emergency exit and jumps after the two men without a parachute. Jaden sees what his evolved body is capable of as he is determined to rescue the falling men. Later, the same aircraft is flying on autopilot while all the passengers and crew members are unconscious from their nanomoles being in stage two. The government orders the plane shot down for fear that Jaden the terrorist took over. From a state away, Jaden, AI, nanodrones and nanoscanners work together to remote into the pilotís brain to control him like a puppet. In the next chapter, Jaden gets help from some close friends in an attempt to help the people he cares about. More and more humans are in deep sleeps, while some are walking around like zombies as their nanomoles interact with chemical messages in the brain. Vice President Robinson keeps President S. Paylin in complete ignorance on the impending alien attack. Robinson believes Jaden is the conspirator and is causing the strange disorders in humans. Robinson begins his own conspiracy to be the next president of the United States. As the story develops, Jaden realizes something is happening to him. Something unknown is deep inside of him and he rides the line between good and evil. He finds himself thinking of evil things when he feels pain or becomes angry. Unknown dark energy forms around his hands and fingers. This energy slowly destroys Jadenís skin, but the energy also seriously affects AIís systems in Jadenís brain. The plot continues when local police arrest Jaden and he begins to lose hope in trying to save humanity. Jaden decides to save his family and close friends instead of all humans. An intense car chase begins when Jaden gets a hold of a 2015 Bugatti valued at 2.5 million dollars. This environmentally friendly, green sports car with wind turbine tail blades, 1204 horsepower (5319 pound-feet of torque), four independent wheel hybrid motors, carbonpolymer-composite body and electro-nanomaterial body as batteries is the type of car that is the perfect match for Jaden. As Jaden tries to make his drive to New York, the president authorizes Robinson to use and activate Motherdrone. Motherdrone is the next generation of defense for America. Itís an artificially intelligent super computer that operates at 500 petaflops and controls helidrones, rail gun tank drones, UAVs and Predator drones. Robinson gives Motherdrone an order to destroy Jaden at whatever cost. As the car chase becomes more intense and Jaden loses a lot of his energy, AI leaves Jadenís body to give him support from his EIS at the North Pole. Jaden is challenged to control the energy shield around the car while driving at high-speed without any help from AI. He puts his nanodrones and brain multi-tasking to the test as he faces his biggest challenge yet. A wolf pack of Predator drones attack Jaden with dozens of missiles, ray guns, machine guns, thermobaric bullets, bat bullets, nanorockets and thermobaric bombs as Jaden races up Interstate 95 through Virginia in an attempt to save a family member in New York City. Jaden discovers a loophole in the HSCCVL (high-speed computer controlled vehicle lane) and is able to accelerate at speeds close to 300 mph. The intense signature high-speed car chase includes a steamy sex scene at 200+ mph as a thermobaric bomb lands over the car. The Darclonian mother ship has been transporting HBH (highjacked brain humans) onboard for unknown reasons from the tops of tall skyscrapers around the world. Jaden is involved in a daring rescue on top of the new World Trade Center in New York City. Chaos breaks out in lower Manhattan as DHW (Darclonian human walkers) and a DEK (dark energy knight) make an appearance. An alien created tsunami adds to the excitement as it floods lower Manhattan. There are also intense fight scenes and mind boggling action sequences that take place in lower Manhattan. As Jadenís unknown condition is developed into a Darclonian weapon and he becomes something heís not, Jaden is determined to seek answers from the mother ship. Jaden allows himself to be beamed onto the mother ship along with a special team from the top of the Taipei 101 building. The specially trained team has fake active nanomoles in their hats and has a plan to take down the mother ship. Jaden explores the mother ship by himself while being watched and sees the weird experiments they are conducting on humans. Some of the experiments include accessing nanomoles to observe who built the pyramids, massive genocides throughout history and experiencing different emotions. There is a battle on the mother ship and Jaden is challenged to make both of his alien weapon technologies work together to save the team onboard. He later meets the head Darclonian alien called a DEQ (dark energy queen). She tries very hard to persuade Jaden to join her species to fix the problems that have plagued humankind over the centuries. She lets him know that he is special and persuades him through several means including his religious beliefs and his emotions. The DEQ preaches to him that he needs to be a leader, not a follower. She wants him to be a king or messiah for his people. Jaden has to decide what path he wants to take, while humans are suffering in a living nightmare inside of their uncontrollable bodies on Earth. Humanity is in his hands as time counts down before the Darcloniansí nanomoles permanently bond and take over human minds forever. READ SYNOPSIS IN BIGGER LETTERS AND MORE SPACED OUT HERE:
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A truly imaginative sci-fi adventure with a creative author.


'The Bialien Trilogy - Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved' by Vlane Carter is not your typical sci-fi novel. Think of a comic book that uses words instead of illustrations and you might come close. One thing that the writer certainly has is imagination. It is written very visually. Bialien follows the journey of a nineteen-year old named Jaden, who travels to a far galaxy and back to Earth. Along his travels he meets up with creative characters and clever technology. If you are a reader that enjoys details, Vlane writes convincing science to back up his creativity.

Bialien begins quickly and doesn't let up. Jaden's journey ends up back on Earth with him having super human powers and the help from an entertaining sidekick. Due to time distillation, he finds himself young while the planet has changed rapidly. Technology has changed, but ignorance still rears its ugly head. Jaden, knowing of the impending danger approaching, must battle to save the planet with a corrupt government in power and also save the girl. The rapid pace keeps the reader moving forward, but I found that some of the action scenes were a drawn out.

You may tell by his style that Vlane is very passionate about his writing. It takes time and effort to envision and write a novel of this length without losing the energy throughout it. Bialien is his first novel, and, from his marketing material and website, certainly not his last. It is always interesting to see the first story written and how writing styles evolve from book to book. Letís see where Volume Two takes us.


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Author:  Vlane Carter