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Book By Author:  David A Shaffer

Star Tricks
 Star Tricks
 Science Fiction
 9786091162 60911-620-0
 When Scott Montgomery discovered the Montgomery field, he had no idea the can of worms he was opening. He only wanted to go to space. Not only did the field make him the wealthiest person to ever live on Earth, it could power a starship. Using his new-found wealth to build a ship, he bribes his best buddy, Kirk James, to be captain. They name the ship Enterprise, of course, and hiring a crew, they head 'that way'. When they discover their first intelligent alien life form, they can't pronounce his name. Trek-loving Scotty just has to nick-name him Spock. So now we have our three intrepid heroes: Kirk, Scotty, and Spock loose on an unsuspecting galaxy in the Enterprise. They decide to become galactic troubleshooters with some very unexpected results. This isn't your grandmother's sci-fi. Hop aboard for Star Tricks!
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Fun and Entertaining! A lighthearted space travel adventure.


Star Tricks by David A. Shaffer is an entertaining, lighthearted story about space travel and adventure. The parallels he draws to Star Trek are done with good humour. This novel was essentially a series of short stories with a constant theme throughout. Any "trekkies" out there will get a hearty chuckle from the stories. David has a fun imagination and his references to old movies, Star Trek and popular science fiction authors are well incorporated into the novel.

The character development was gradual throughout and the reader is drawn into each character wanting to know more about them. His humurous references to the "sex scenes" in the novel had me laughing out loud and let me use my own imagination. As the author stated many times, "This isn't a porn novel". I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to find out more about how the characters develop and where the rest of their space adventures take them.


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Author:  David A Shaffer