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Book By Author:  Richard Morris

Her Legacy: Quiet Confrontation
 Her Legacy: Quiet Confrontation
 1432757915 978-1432757915
 Meet Kaman, an independent-minded young girl born into poverty in a small Liberian village. At first glance, she couldnít be more different from Vai Sekou, a successful young merchant whoís proud of his upper-crust background. But when a chance meeting at a village market brings them together, their lives will never be the same. Soon, their budding romance faces a daunting threat when Sekouís parents vow heíll never marry a peasant, no matter how beautiful she is. Yet after fighting them tooth and nail until he succeeds, Sekou learns the real challenge has just begun: making their relationship work. His brash behavior and violent outbursts might just accomplish what his parents couldnítótearing them apart. Now, Kamanís unique gift for grace, kindness and understanding is about to undergo its biggest test. Can she change the hearts, minds, and hard-wired behavior of those around heróincluding her loveróto create a more peaceful, understanding world? A richly detailed, feelingly told novel of resilience, Her Legacy is about the healing power of love and liberation and the enduring power of the human spirit.
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This isnít your everyday love story. It is a tale of wisdom, love and resilience.


Her Legacy: A Quiet Confrontation by Richard Morris is a tale of wisdom, love and resilience. The story is set in Liberia and readers are transported to this amazing country that is so rich in culture. The authorís writing style shows the reader the thought processes of the characters by writing it as though it is a direct translation.

The story isnít your typical love story. The reader is taken through the life span of the characters and sees the whole development from the first meeting of the poor peasant girl and rich boy to them marrying, starting a family, aging and the lessons they have learned throughout their life together.

There are many pearls of wisdom shared from children to elders showing that wisdom and life lessons can come from anywhere. The story made me reflect on my relationships and the way that I see the world. Any story that makes a reader stop and take stock of life is well worth reading.


Her Legacy: A Quiet Confrontation by Richard Morris is set in Liberia and the author does a good job of portraying the reality of the Liberian culture and people. The description that the author provides makes you feel like you are really in Liberia visiting and watching the story happen in front of your eyes.

Richard Morris has a unique writing style and sets the mood and tone by writing as though the characters are thinking in their native tongue and it is being directly translated to English. It makes the reader feel like they are getting into the thought process and true dialogue of the characters.

This is a love story about a poor peasant girl and a rich boy who meet, fall in love and get married. However, it doesnít end there. The story continues with their growth as individuals and as a couple. There are confused emotions in the household when each person evolves as individuals, by having different religions, and as a couple learning to live with each change.

Everyone from children to elders share their wisdom and experiences and the author shows how impacting that can be. Some of the time shifts in this book were awkward near the end. I found that at times years had passed and it took a few paragraphs for me as a reader to get that.

The themes of love and resilience of the human spirit are apparent throughout. The characters are engaging and I enjoyed getting to know them throughout the novel.

The story made me reflect on my relationships and the way that I see the world. Any story that makes a reader stop and take stock of life is well worth reading.

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Richard Morris Author:  Richard Morris


Writing vividly about the people and cultures of Africa comes easily for Dr. Richard Morris, who is originally from Liberia, on the continentís west coast. Morris is an educator and leadership expert who holds a doctor of education degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He and his wife, also of Liberian descent, now live in Beaver Falls, Penn. He is currently at work on his next novel.