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Book By Author:  Tina Fiorda

A Book of Insight
 A Book of Insight
 Self Help
 0981314503 9780981314501
 As long as mankind has had conscious awareness, he has sought answers to questions about his true purpose here on Earth. Questions about God, reality, life and death. What really happens to us when we die? Are heaven and hell real? Are we alone in this Universe or do other realities exist? One day, Tina and Tilde were experimenting with a Ouija board when they were joined by three entities who were not of this world. They began to receive wisdom and knowledge from a realm of existence that was beyond anything they had ever experienced. All of their questions were now being answered. "A Book of Insight" takes you through a fascinating journey of the soul and mankind’s evolution from the time man first came to inhabit the Earth to present day. It takes us through an explanation of alternate realities. What other worlds exist around us? Are they inhabited? Where did we come from and what is our purpose here? How do we create our realities? And what about death? What can we expect when we depart this life? "A Book of Insight" unravels all these mysteries and more. There is an awakening that is taking place within the collective consciousness of mankind. According to our guides humanity is undergoing a tremendous transition towards the opening of its third eye. "A Book of Insight" explains the purpose of this awakening, the role we each play in it and teaches us how to live as spiritual beings to create a better reality for ourselves and the planet. This truly is a book of insight.
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Author:  Tina Fiorda