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Book By Author:  Alex Bravozu

What Lucid Dreams May Come…
 What Lucid Dreams May Come…
 Religious / Adults

This book is for the first time in English! Entirely specific view of the wonderful phenomenon which is available to everyone but little-known. The author from St. Petersburg (Russia) for many years deeply researched lucid dreaming and came to conclusions that completely changed his ideas about the world and his life. The book explains the phenomenon of lucid dreams from different approaches – both scientific (based on the holographic nature of memory) and religious-philosophical. But personally the author more appreciates the other part of the work where he answers the questions that concern every thoughtful person: what is the meaning of life, why do we suffer, whether a human being has free will, how to live in this world, etc.


"The book is unexpectedly deep... Man describes his spiritual growth. In a very simple language, unvarnished, revealing his understanding of what he faced. Simple and deep. Range of everything that the author describes and summarizes is huge (well, maybe dreams are paid a little more attention). And all he manages to snatch the meaning and to convey it! It is not only pleasant to read, but also useful. A lot resonates, and many things opened that seemed as if I knew them... :-)"

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Author:  Alex Bravozu