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Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Marvin Leigh Smith

The One Minute Therapist
 The One Minute Therapist
 Self Help
 B07RWFBTGT 9781097456116
 Coralhenge Publishing

Finally, a self-help book that actually helps you conquer your fears; manage your stress, anxiety, and depression; and find the humor in your life's challenges!  With this book, you will learn that: 

  • ·        Mastering the constant fear of not being good enough is possible,
  • ·        You have the power within you to change your life,
  • ·        Love does not have to be painful, and
  • ·        Your world can be as safe as you wish it to be. 

With this book, you will learn the answers to questions like:

  • ·        Why is it important to allow myself to feel the full spectrum of emotion, and not bury or repress anything I experience?
  • ·        How does ignoring or burying my emotions create physical dis-ease in my body?
  • ·        How does my willingness to grow and change affect my satisfaction in life?
  • ·        How do I be clear in my intentions, and create relationships that fulfill me?
  • ·        How do I keep that ‘courtship feeling’ alive in my personal life?
  • ·        Why are boundaries in a relationship important, and how do I define them?
  • ·        What are the practical steps I can take if I am grieving for a lost loved one?
  • ·        How does creating a loss history help me through the stages of grief?
  • ·        What is the value of ‘anticipatory grieving,’ and how do I recreate special events without loved ones?
  • ·        Where am I on the evolution of parenting?
  • ·        How do I create quality time for each member of my family?
  • ·        How does social media affect the quality of my relationships with family and friends?
  • ·        What is the best way to co-parent children after a divorce?
  • ·        How do my genetic programming and belief systems affect every part of my life?

You will be reminded of why the most important opportunity we have in life is learning who we are and integrating all aspects of our brain, mind, body, and spirit.  Every day presents us with a new possibility and a probability based on our beliefs, whether our thoughts are positive or negative, and our willingness to explore every emotion we experience to the fullest extent possible.  It is only through self-reflection harnessing the power of prayer, meditation, visualization, and listening to our own inner voice that we truly begin to grow through our human experience.

If you wish your life to be different, then you have to start thinking and doing things differently.  Major changes come when you begin to see your life from a different perspective.

My hope for you is that you will find something in this book that speaks to you in a personal way, and is helpful in your own emotional and spiritual growth.  It is not as important that you agree with what I say.  What is important for you to consider is what you 'feel' in response to what I say.  That is where your real growth will be experienced.

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This little book will get you on track in a short amount of time!


The One Minute Therapist by M. Leigh Smith will get you on the right path in a short amount of time. What I liked is each chapter has many small sections on different aspects of therapy and issues we may have. Each section can take a minute or a little more to read which is perfect in this world of diminishing attention spans. Smith, the author, has extensive experience working with people. Smith tends to give examples from real life therapy sessions, making it more than just a how to book. By doing this, he brings in the raw emotions for difficult topics like stress, beliefs, parenting, bereavement and even relationships. It gets real, very quickly.

Smith breaks down topics into what drives emotions and how to work with those emotions depending on the situation. Some were simple actions to take, some more complex. It’s a lot for a short book, but it works. The book is written so you do not need to read through the whole book at one time. Just take a section here or there as you need it. As I was reading through, there were a couple of things I took away from it. One was journaling. Again, a simple suggestion that I needed to put back in my life. I have been journaling for years for a side job I do but stopped about a year ago. In the first section on stress, I related to it immediately and pulled out my mechanical pencil and started journaling my thoughts. It came at the perfect time because my life had been stressful the past week and I now had a record to look back at to see the specific times and my state of mind at those moments. Invaluable. All I needed was a reminder. I also took his other suggestion, which was meditation. I again had started that earlier in the year and had procrastinated. This little book set me straight again.

Another section I found fascinating was about millennials and what makes them tick. Smith did go into the other age groups, but he delved more into the millennial demographic because they are unique and soon, they will be the age group that will take over the baby boomers in numbers. They are a powerful force that will soon be taking over things in the world. I am not going to give anything away, but the part about why they date in groups more than individually answered a nagging observation of mine. My millennial friends always seem to be in a group here and there and this provided an explanation. They are very social and this will be interesting for the world coming up as we know it.

Will this book solve all your or my problems and issues? Of course not. It will, though, open your eyes, mind and heart to alternatives that maybe you hadn't thought of or like myself, who needed a reminder or nudge to go a different pathway. There hasn't been a day in the last few weeks that I have not thought about this little book. I am glad it came across my path and will certainly keep it around to keep me on track.


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Marvin Leigh Smith Author:  Marvin Leigh Smith


Leigh Smith has been interested in human behavior his whole life. He is a therapist in private practice, author, songwriter, avid photographer, Viet Nam veteran, 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and certified scuba Dive Master.

His forty year career has included a broad range of people-oriented experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. He has produced and co-hosted educational television programs for improving human capabilities through stress management, coping with change, enhancing communication skills, and building self-esteem. He has also conducted corporate and non-profit training workshops nationally and assisted in teaching college level classes in innovation and creativity.

Leigh has been an active board member/officer, mentor, and volunteer with various organizations throughout his varied career. He is a graduate of Florida State University with two degrees, a MBA in Marketing and an MSW in Counseling. He and his wife, Juliet, live in Central Florida.

Experiencing real progress in developing and enhancing relationships, managing stress, and creating your life the way you want it is an incredibly empowering feeling. It is his belief that this is something we all have the right to enjoy.