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The most unique sci-fi novel I’ve read in years.

What happens when the world gets too optimized? Joel E. Lorentzen, the author, answers that question in his unique, inventive and thought-provoking novel, Proles - a novel about 2084. In the not too distant future, the gap between the have’s and the have nots is as wide as it has ever been, but not for the reason you may think. Money is not the cause in the future, optimization more 

Book By Author:  Andrei Mikushkin

The Fast Metabolism Diet: Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days Easy and Tas
 The Fast Metabolism Diet: Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days Easy and Tas
 Cooking / Recipes
 B07VF7K8SK 0

 In this book you will learn diet plan and you are going to lose 21 pounds in just 21 days while eating a reasonable amount of food. 

Unlike other diet plans, this revolutionary weight-loss method recommends that you eat three main meals and two snacks daily to lose a satisfactory amount of weight. With a fast metabolism diet, you are not going to avoid an entire food group or count calories and fat. 
Unlike other diets, you don’t have to avoid carbs or focus mainly on fat consumption. With this diet plan, you follow a phase-based eating schedule and boost metabolism naturally and lose a massive amount of weight! 
These days, the diet industry has been plagued with fad diets that slow down your metabolism and trigger weight gain. Now, it is time for a change! 
If you want to lose weight fast and in a healthy way, then this fast metabolism diet book is for you. 
This book also explains the fast metabolism diet to beginners and guides you on how to speed up your own metabolism to reach your weight and fitness goals. 
You will find dozens of simple, mouthwatering, and family-pleasing recipes that will boost your metabolism, and transform your body. This cookbook will give you the variety you need to stay satisfied with the diet plan, trigger a metabolism boost, and achieve your weight-loss goals. 
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Author:  Andrei Mikushkin