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Book By Author:  Joseph Z Vlasic

Advanced Lotto Rotation System
 Advanced Lotto Rotation System
 Self Help
 Joseph Z Vlasic
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An advanced lotto system that delivers!


The title, Advanced Lotto Rotation System by Joseph Zanko Vlasic, certainly sums up the content of this book. It is advanced and it might take you a while to figure it out. Vlasic, the author, is upfront about that in the first paragraph. Before I get into the content, let me preface this review by stating that I am a numbers guy. Other than doing book reviews I analyze markets daily and get a bit obsessive trying to figure out how things work or don’t work. So with that in mind this took me a few hours to get it working. It was a bit of a challenge which I like. First of all it is nineteen pages long. Not much you think. Well for one thing you can tell that Vlasic is not a writer and he does need an editor. He's a numbers guy that has come up with a somewhat unique way to look at a 6 digit lotto system. He is very enthusiastic about it too. It is the directions/instructions that need a bit of work. I work with a lot of software programmers and how he explains the system and how to use it, is a bit like how they communicate to me. That is how they think and I get that.

I read through it the first time in minutes because it is so short and went, huh. Ok, a bit rough, but I am intrigued. I have looked at other lotto systems out there and 99% are garbage. I had a digital version of the book and printed it off as I needed to go back and forth for the next phase. Oh, and if you think I am going to give away the system, sorry that is not going to happen. I pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil and got busy. Vlasic must be an “Aussie” as he uses the Australian Monday lotto for his testing numbers. I live in Canada and thought, well it is also a 6 digit lotto 6/49, let’s try that. I read through it again and again and then I went aha now I get it. So with his 3 number sets, I matched the winning numbers for 2018 and this part of 2019. He recommends 50 draws; I did about 130. It was like doing a Sudoku on steroids and I had fun. I even found a set he hadn't listed but certainly was prevalent in the 6/49 draws, so I added it to the list. After that, I started to look for the patterns he mentions. From those, I cross-referenced how many times this 3 number set hit with other 3 number sets and I finally had "the sets" as I call them. I did a lot more than that but I won’t get into it. These sets combined with each other gave me 9 numbers that came up consistently with one or more of the other numbers in the 6/49 during that time period. Enough for that afternoon I said. The next afternoon I started the next phase. His system calls to be played with a combination play. In this case I decided to do this full out. I used the 9 numbers I had and with lotto software had the 84, 6 digit combinations of those 9. So, that meant I had 84 tickets of the mixed numbers to check for each draw, cost of $252 per draw. Then it came time to validate these numbers to the last 130 draws. If you are still reading this you probably think that I am crazy but it was a game to me. Using Excel formulas, I quickly figured out a way to do that and the results were astonishing. There were a lot of wins; 99 - free plays, 445 - 2+bonus, 1820 - 3 numbers and 825 – 4 numbers. Wow! It just didn’t add up to much, $3,090 CDN and the 99 free plays. It would have cost $32K to play all those numbers in those draws. Now if one would have hit the 5+ it would have been worth it as the average payout is $75k.

I thought, how about BC49, which is the same but only $84 a draw. So I ran the numbers against the last 130 draws of that. It paid out better, $3,655 in total with a smaller $10K cost. So there you have it, his system does work, but the payout vs. the cost would have stopped me from playing waiting for that 5, 5+ or 6 number hit. In closing, it was certainly entertaining going through the process and if you are a numbers person, maybe you should try too. Next, I am going to check and see if all those 84 numbers were ever big winners since the start of 6/49 and BC49. Time to turn up the music and get busy.

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Joseph Vlasic Author:  Joseph Z Vlasic


 March 12, 2019 Joseph Z Vlasic Melbourne Australia. Born: Karlovac Croatia. 6 July 1957. Migrated to Australia at the age of 9. A highly industrious individual studied intensively, the subjects that mattered to him most, he became extremely thorough at executing them, his father a great carpenter with many other skills, was Joseph's greatest influence very early in life, as he was capable of absorbing his fathers talents plus adding his own. By the time Joseph was 20 years old, in his view all trades were basically the same, as the most important elements within them, were calculations, measurements, sett ups, cutting, drilling squarely or angled was the kit for any trade. In his mid twenties he realised, he possessed another skill far greater than the others, as he was able to repair, problem solve and reinvent solutions, he knew his mind was his greatest asset, able to open many new fields of discovery. When he looks back at all his work and inventions, he feels comfortable in his skin, knowing that all those projects were done with class skill and perfection.