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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

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Book By Author:  Tricia Gaye Isichei

 Resilience by Tricia Morrison
 Self Help

This book introduces you to the life skill of resilience and brings a fresh perspective on navigating life in this tumultuous and complex world. It seriously challenges its readers to become reflective, hopeful, and at peace with themselves while challenging and beating odds that might be set up against them. It endeavours to evoke deep thinking and self-examination in readers, which will ultimately empower them to take the necessary steps to move forward in life and achieve their own personal goals; while taking into consideration that although one is an individual, we live within families, communities, nations and societies, which all place specific roles, expectations and functions on us whether said or unsaid. For me, resilience means continuing to stay healthy and positive in the face of pressures and negativity, striving for the best in whatever situation you are in, not giving up, moving forward and overcoming challenges that should have broken or rendered you voiceless.

I have written about my colourful childhood experiences and life’s journey from growing up in the ghettos of Jamaica to working at a bizarre kindergarten in Poland to some beautiful experiences in Berlin, in order to describe resilience. I used my knowledge from my education and my life to look back on how my experiences have formed me and how they have made me resilient. In each chapter, I point out lessons that I have learnt and my thoughts. The lessons provide readers with ways to use and find resilience in their own lives, while the thoughts provoke deep thinking and reflection where readers have the opportunity to develop their own opinions about the matters presented.

This volume implores you to regain lost passion, dreams, and innovation or to discover new ones while following the good old principles of planning ahead, hard work, dedication and, perseverance especially in the face of disappointments so as to continue to thrive. It shows that there is nothing wrong in being optimistic and sharing love with other humans despite the many deceptive, cruel, and hateful elements in this world, which we have inherited. Subsequently, it will help you to become more aware and tolerant of other people, societies, religion and cultures while challenging you to become a better version of yourself not only for your own progress but also for the betterment of humanity. This book, when read in its entirety, will simply make you become more resilient and an agent of change. Start your journey now by reading this book.


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Author:  Tricia Gaye Isichei