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Watch out America; get ready to cleanse your debt! Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies by Jorge P. Newbery is coming in at the right time. America is in debt from national to state and also municipal, the whole system is in a downward spiral. The bigger concern is personal debt, mortgage, student loans, credit card and car loan debts. If you are drowning in debt, like many of your fellow Americans, it is a frightening and disabling effect on you and your family. Newbery’s solution is Debt more 

Book By Author:  Tom Mohrbach

Vatican Vengeance
 Vatican Vengeance

 Introducing Colton Bishop, a member of a top-secret Vatican agency tasked with proactively investigating threats against the pope. At first glance, Colton appears to be an executive chef at a famous restaurant near the Vatican--although his culinary skills pale in comparison to his fighting skills. An outlaw, motorcycle-gang leader in the United States has lethal plans for an upcoming visit by the supreme pontiff. What he didn't expect was a Roman chef interfering, but then again, how many problems can a chef cause?

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Author:  Tom Mohrbach