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Sex, drugs and rock and roll. What more does a novel need?

Be prepared to take a trip when reading When Life Was Like a Cucumber by Greg Wyss. This trip will be unlike any one you have ever taken before. That is unless you were in your 20s, living in the late 1960s and early 1970s on the East coast, more 

Book By Author:  Rod C Spence

War World
 War World
 Young Adult
 Gallant Press



TerraGen Universal is the world leader in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, with patents valued in the billions of U.S. dollars—technology patents that corporate sharks and government agents would kill for. 




TerraGen discovers the existence of a wormhole and seizes the opportunity to set up a remote laboratory 2.4 million light years across the universe… on a planet code-named: Genesis


But now that expedition has gone missing.




Six teenagers, each the scions of world-renowned scientists lost on Genesis, are swept up by an army of mercenaries in a rescue mission to find their parents. 


Six high school students, each diverse and unpredictable: the repentant son seeking redemption; the arrogant jock with a silver spoon; the Latina indie girl with an acid tongue; the computer hacker with no fear; the Chinese daughter more at home in Bloomingdales than the jungles of an alien planet; and the pudgy brainiac whose calculating schemes are matched only by his terror of the unknown.


Each must walk through the Portal to find the destiny that awaits them.




A race of aliens awaits a mighty warrior who will save them from the power of the Shadow Lord.


One of these teenagers will step up and answer their call…

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A non-stop ride that is out of this galaxy - complete with teenagers, gnomes and monsters. Lots of monsters!


You had better be ready for a non-stop action filled ride to another part of the galaxy with Rod C. Spence’s War World. This sci-fi/fantasy novel is a trip, literally. It starts with a bunch of teenagers who have lost their brilliant parents in a top secret expedition to a planet 2.4 million light years away. Jeremy Austin, the main character, is an average high school student who has the smartest father on the Earth because his father invented a portal to another world. When Jeremy finds this out, he and his friends decide to mount their own expedition to rescue their parents from that world. This is where the Spence’s imagination goes into overload. Mix in adolescent hormones, mercenaries, monsters, gnomes and an evil corporation and you get an unbelievably entertaining novel. Can Jeremy and his friends survive long enough to find their parents and return to Earth? What transformations and changes can happen on an alien planet to these teenagers?

This is Spence’s first novel and his raw talent shows. Right from the start he sets a fast pace and never looks back. His character development and storyline never falters. I like how he keeps jumping to and from three separate groups when they are on the planet with each group trying to get closer to their goal. It provides another excitement level to the already fast pace of the novel. What are the goals? Survival for one. You will have to read War World to find out the rest because you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

I could tell early on that Spence has set this up for a series and he doesn’t disappoint. I for one will be waiting for the next one and, if Rod were here, I would be giving him a high five!


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Rod Spence Author:  Rod C Spence


ROD C. SPENCE is the author of the War World series and has spent decades as a creative cog in that great machine called television. From the highs of 3 Emmy nominations as an editor on CBS's Survivor to a different kind of high on MTV's Jersey Shore, he's honed his storytelling skills on real people in unreal situations and has been blessed to work with some incredible people along the way. From True Crime to Adventure Competition to Social Experimentation, post production editing in reality television is all about telling stories.


And then there's the film obsession thing.


Spence chose to spend several decades writing screenplays and developing scripted projects in the motion picture business that many survivors have compared to getting steamrolled in a bed of broken glass… on a good day. For the record, the genre's Spence chose were fun to work in: High Noon, a remake of the 1952 classic (action), DIG (youth sports drama), Section Eight (comedy), Carny Princess (romantic/musical/thriller), Carville (period drama/romance), The Man Next Door (thriller), Truth Or Die (action), Fiend (supernatural thriller), Triple Threat (martial arts/action), and Maynard (family).


Spence has recently turned his attentions to completing his first novel—a dream he’s had since writing his first short story in junior high. The evolution of War World was birthed from his love of science fiction thrillers by Michael Crichton and the fantasy novels of Tolkien and Terry Brooks. The story and characters expanded over time and what was once a single novel has grown to become a multi-book series. Drawing upon his years writing screenplays, Spence crafted a host of characters he believes readers will love to spend time with and in a world as complex as it is mysterious. War World’s cast may not be as crazy as those on the Jersey Shore but whether there is a Survivor amongst the high school students by series end… only time will tell.