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Book By Author:  Omayra Velez

 The Assembly of Thirteen
 069216071X 978-0692160718
For the last 500 years, the Empire of Quetza has been consumed by the greed of the ruling royal family. The current Emperor is bent on the expansion of the Empire by any means necessary, and the cleansing of the land of all non-human races. In Ancient times, the role of Emperor had not been hereditary. Instead, the leader had been selected by an Assembly of Thirteen; a group of magic-wielding people that would travel the length and breadth of the Kingdoms, listening to the will of the people and choosing the best of those offered. 
For decades, the ruling royal family has been systematically to hunting down those magical people to destroy them before they could assemble. But a group of Elders, comprising representatives from the various races, are determined to break the strangle-hold of the existing Emperor. Now, it appears this may be possible as the leader of the Thirteen has been brought forth and has started to gather the other Magi and Companions required for the Assembly of Thirteen. 
This is the second edition of The First Two Companions
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Author:  Omayra Velez