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The most unique sci-fi novel I’ve read in years.

What happens when the world gets too optimized? Joel E. Lorentzen, the author, answers that question in his unique, inventive and thought-provoking novel, Proles - a novel about 2084. In the not too distant future, the gap between the have’s and the have nots is as wide as it has ever been, but not for the reason you may think. Money is not the cause in the future, optimization more 

Book By Author:  Camille Goscicki

The Art of Sane Aging for Women
 The Art of Sane Aging for Women
 Self Help

 If you've ever lived with anxiety, fear, and emotional pain, you know how much they diminish your life. But life can change, when you change your thoughts, words, and actions.

With humor and honesty, the author uses her personal experiences to illustrate how to age well, mentally and emotionally. In section one, she describes how to cultivate those personal qualities that lead to a sane life: self-acceptance, self-confidence, resilience, among others. In section two, she talks about those qualities that enhance your relationships: forgiveness, kindness, friendship, and more. Any woman can age sanely. Let The Art of Sane Aging for Women help you take that first step.

Author Camille Goscicki is a Certified Wellness Coach and Weight Management Specialist. She is the founder of the blog, VitalAging4Women. Ms. Goscicki has been researching about and writing about women's health, fitness, and personal development for 10 years. 


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Author:  Camille Goscicki