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Book By Author:  Carl Strom

24 Hours
 24 Hours

What do you do when your celebrity-DJ daughter is kidnapped and you have twenty-four hours until she’s killed? Forget the Swedish police. If you’re the wealthy von Mullers of Stockholm, you call PI Martin Brunner and his mouthy apprentice, Daniel Lakin. 
As the desperate hours tick by, the hired detectives search for suspicious links in the missing woman’s web of fans, friends, and family. But this case is looking to be anything but a run-of-the-mill kidnapping. In a pulse-pounding pursuit across land and water, Martin and Daniel must not only face down Kylee’s brutal captors but also deal with deeply sinister revelations from some surprising sources.
Action-packed and unspooling family twists right up to the final pages, 24 Hours proves that time flies when this might be the last day of your life.
Ticktock, Martin. The clock . . . is ticking.

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24 Hours by Carl Strom starts with a slap to the face and kicks it into high gear from start to finish.


24 Hours by Carl Strom starts with a slap to the face and kicks it into high gear from start to finish. Don’t let a one hundred and sixteen page novella fool you. I was astonished at how much an author could pack into that amount of pages. Strom, the author, jumps right into the action of celebrity DJ Kylee’s kidnapping with the introduction of two main characters, Martin, a weathered PI and his new apprentice, Daniel, a cocky millennial who is asking for trouble. The two have been hired by Kylee’s father in Sweden to get her back. The question in the back of my mind right away was why did Christian, the father, hire these two? It quickly turns into a classic whodunit with wacky strung out characters in chapters that are counting down the 24 Hours.

Strom begins building the web of characters and scenes without it feeling rushed. I sat back about twenty pages in and wondered how this author could spend valuable word count on describing a car? That is his magic. There is no fluff in this novella, everything counts. Full of action and twists and twists again, Strom will keep you guessing and also shaking your head at the absurdity of the whole affair. Suffice it to say, I could have read this in one sitting but broke into several, enjoying each part. 24 Hours could quickly be turned into a movie or play or readers can take a few hours and let it play out for themselves. I can’t wait for the next one from Strom.


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Author:  Carl Strom