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Book By Author:  Martin Byrne

LEFT IS NOT RIGHT (Take The Quiz!)
 LEFT IS NOT RIGHT (Take The Quiz!)
 Teaching / Educational
 Tired of the propaganda and hypocrisy from the Liberal Left? Is it really that bad? Do they lie, manipulate the facts, have selective memory, and hate everyone that does not share their views? Is all this possible from the ever tolerant, diversity loving Liberal Left? “LEFT IS NOT RIGHT” will shed some light on this subject in a fun quiz format of 50 multiple choice questions. Take the quiz and see how bad it really is! • Many are appalled at the indoctrination of children that is practiced in tyrannical countries that restrict freedom and personal liberties. These countries are teaching children what to think, not how to think. Are those same indoctrination techniques taking place in public schools across the U.S.? • President Trump instituted a “Travel Ban” that caused the Liberal Left to attack the President and branded Trump a racist bigot. Did the President really issue a permanent ban? Was the ban on all Muslim countries? Was the President really trying to keep America safe as he stated? • The Liberal Left has been on a mission to remove symbols, statues and monuments they believe don’t have any historical value and only honor slavery and oppression. Are there any of these symbols, statues, or monuments associated with the Liberal Left? Did the Left miss a few items on their quest to purge history? • Liberals believe that top earners don’t pay their fair share of taxes. What portion of individual income taxes do top earners actually pay? What percentage of Americans pay no federal income tax? Are there more people in the cart than pulling it? The answers to these questions and more are presented in the “LEFT IS NOT RIGHT” quiz book. So get your friends and get started!
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Left is not Right is a 50 question political multiple choice quiz. How well will you score?


Left is not Right is a political book and the author, Martin Byrne, wrote it as a quiz with 50 multiple choice questions. This was a unique way to present the information because you read the question and then chose the answer that you thought was correct. Knowing that multiple choice questions can be tricky caused me to choose other answers than the one I had originally picked just in case the author was trying to fool me. That made for some good entertainment when reading the answers. The book is laid out so that you do read the answer after every question and you don’t have to write down every answer but just pick a multiple choice letter in your mind and keep on reading.

The opening question about minimum wage in the United States was an eye-opener and I certainly got that question wrong! Byrne covers questions ranging from history, military, international politics, personality conflicts between parties to media information and misinformation. Question number 30 was an interesting perspective on what is presented to elementary school students and it made me stop and wonder if children are taught to look at both sides of the spectrums and make up their own minds about their political views.

One of the things that I would have liked to seen in this book was more variation of the correct answer and the author does disclose that in his introduction. I did like the fact that Byrne provided references for every single question at the end so that readers may do their own fact checking and research. The author put a lot of work into creating these questions and answers and it is worth a read because it presents information about the Liberal Lefts that you may not have read about before.

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Author:  Martin Byrne