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Book By Author:  Jesse Tate

 The Future and Bitcoin: A Beginner Guide on Cryptocurrency
 Investments / Financial

 Are you keen to be involved in the Cryptocurrency revolution?
Are you still worries about stories of bubbles and scams?
Do you need impartial and expert advice before you commit?

The revolution we are seeing, in the way that financial transactions are carried out and will be carried out in the future, is nothing less than staggering. The advent of Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and hundreds of others, means that the way we use money has changed forever.

Now, in this new book, you can learn about this change and how you can invest, trade and mine for Bitcoin and others, with in-depth chapters on:
- What Bitcoin is
- The benefits brought by Cryptocurrencies
- The future of Cryptos
- Alternatives to Bitcoin
- Trading and investing
- Storing
- Bitcoin mining

This is a book which gives you the hard facts about this innovative and exciting prospect. Not just about how to make your first million in Cryptocurrencies, it also provides the harsh realities and dangers associated for the unwary.
If you have ever wondered about how you can make some additional money through trading in Cryptocurrency, then this book is required reading on the subject before you start.
This book is for absolute beginners, no prior knowledge is required. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are here to stay. More and more people are now interested in this "Digital Gold".

Get a copy of this book today and be prepared!

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Author:  Jesse Tate